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Choosing Filter Media

    Choosing Your Media There are lots of options available so it can be difficult to determine which media to use and where to put it. Having a mix of filter media will be your best bet to making sure you are getting your mechanical and biological filtration. Below are some options to help you filter
  • The Pond Guy Filter Media Pad - 2-Inch Thick White - By The Foot


    (70 Reviews)

    …this filter pad with a simple bread knife or a heavy-duty pair of scissors makes this filter media pad extremely popular. Cutting your own filter pads can save you up to 80% compared to buying a pre-cut size designed for your filtration system. Choose your length of 2 thick 28 wide Filter Media up…
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    $14.99 - 53.99
  • The Pond Guy Filter Media Pad - 1-Inch Thick - By The Foot


    (29 Reviews)

    …your filtration system. Choose your length of 1 thick 28 wide Filter Media up to 10 feet! This filter pad can be cut using a bread knife or heavy-duty pair of scissors. Use your old filter pad as a template to make sure you get the right fit. Similar Filter Media Pad 2 Filter Media Pad - By The Foot
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    $13.99 - 69.99
  • Matala Filter Media Pads


    (73 Reviews)

    * Choose From 4 Densities For All Your Filtration Needs * Max Surface Area For Bacteria Growth * Long Lasting & Durable Media * Mix & Match Filter Pads Buy 3+ for $34.99 each! Matala Filter Media Pads are lightweight durable and easy-to-cut. Each single Matala Filter Media is available in four…
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  • The Pond Guy ClearSolution G2 Filter System


    (131 Reviews)

    …compact all-in-one submersible pond filter system comes equipped with four different types of filter media as well as an integrated UV clarifier and pump that guarantees clear and healthy water. Completely versatile with the included diverter you can choose to run a fountain display waterfall or…
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    $149.99 - 189.99
  • …is a ton of information available for selectively breeding koi and raising fry. Purchasing fry holding tanks with separate filters specific breeding media or even choosing the perfect fish to mate. If you are like most homeowners you are not looking to dive in to serious koi hatching however there…
    Filter Media Pad. For best results when using a skimmer place it across from your waterfall or discharge so your pond can circulate properly. * Waterfall Filter Boxes: Waterfall filters are a wonder-fall way to incorporate filtration into your pond. The Pond Guy ClearSpring Mini Waterfall Filter for…
    …perform at least a 20% water change. * Seed & Start Your Filters: Once you refill the pond replace or clean filter media pads and secondary media like The Pond Guy BioBalls. Use Microbe-Lift PL Gel to introduce beneficial bacteria and reduce filter seed time. Once everything is back in place start…
    …3 - Clean Filters Media & Pump Filter Media First wash the filter media pads and bio balls located in your skimmer waterfall box pressurized filter and/or in-pond filter. Filter media may be stored in the waterfall box or skimmer or stored inside for the winter. If any of the media looks worn…

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