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  • Airmax® EcoBoost™ (formerly Pond Logic®)


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    * Enhances Natural Bacteria * Binds Phosphates & Other Toxins * Adds Trace Minerals to Promote Fish Health Airmax EcoBoost (formerly known as Pond Logic EcoBoost) binds suspended organics and phosphates and when combined with our most popular product PondClear™ it is a great one-two punch…
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  • …health problems which can cause their color to lighten. Troubled Waters Because these guys are bottom dwellers they can stir up a lot of debris or clay. That will contribute to cloudy murky water. Aeration can help.  Airmax® Aeration Systems increase the oxygen in your pond circulate the…
    …will float and cloud the water. * Lilies and Lotuses: Best grown in pots such as the Water Lily & Water Lotus Planting Kits. Fill your tub with clay and a clay/soil mix with Aquatic Planting Media on top. Position the bulb inside the container with the growing tip pointed up. Place in the pond…