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  • Atlantic Bio Rocks Filter Media


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    …Series and Oasis Series Waterfall Filters to keep water clean balanced and clear. The 0.5 cubic feet pond filter rocks have all the surface area but weigh 25% less than traditional lava rocks and half the weight of gravel expanded clay. Atlantic Bio Rocks filter media is a less abrasive and stable…
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  • Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kits

    …the bottom of the waterfall filter to maximize water usage and circulation. A 3-Watt pre-installed LED waterfall light with transformer clips in the bottom of the plant and waterfall filter to illuminate the calming waterfall at night. 3 Bags of Media • Clay Grow Planting Media • Disguise…
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  • …a perfect addition to any pond not only do their colors add a great design element but they also function to keep your water garden balanced and filtered. As any gardener knows the first step in a successful garden is to plan what you want to plant. Below are a few points to consider when selecting…
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