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Cleaning Skimmers

  • The Pond Guy Collapsible Skimmer & Fish Net


    (57 Reviews)

    Skimmer & Fish Nets are perfect for maintenance around the pond. The extendable aluminum handle on these pond maintenance supplies combined with the triangle-shaped net allows flexibility when trying to reach tough corners. Collapsible head for easy storage. Fine mesh skimmer pond net for cleaning
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    $24.99 - 39.99
  • Atlantic Skimmer Mat Kit


    (1 Reviews)

    …Kits create three-stage mechanical filtration that reduces maintenance and extends the time between skimmer cleaning. The filter pad offers both biological and mechanical filtration while allowing for the free flow of water to prevent clogging. Mat kits are designed for Atlantic Pro Series Skimmers.
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    $51.99 - 99.99
  • TetraPond In-Pond Skimmer


    (7 Reviews)

    …The TetraPond In-Pond Skimmer is the perfect choice for pre-formed and flexible liner ponds up to 1000 gallons. This pond skimmer just sits right inside the pond and connects to 550 to 1900 gph in-line 500-1900 gph pumps using the included 1.25 tubing for maximum surface cleaning. Floating Weir Door…
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  • Atlantic Professional Skimmer Replacement Debris Net


    (3 Reviews)

    * Debris Nets for Atlantic Skimmers * Traps Large Debris * Keeps Water Surface Clean Atlantic Skimmer Debris Nets will replace existing nets for only Atlantic Professional Skimmers. The net allows for the collection of large surface debris effectively making sure that it does not sink to the bottom…
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    $34.99 - 39.99
  • Atlantic Professional Skimmer Replacement Weir Door

    …Pro Skimmer Weir Door * Easy Installation The weir door is a replacement for the Atlantic Pond Skimmer. Weir doors allow for the collection of surface debris and other microscopic materials to help keep your pond clean. The larger the weir door the greater the skimmers surface cleaning ability.…
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    $39.99 - 49.99
  • Atlantic Oasis Skimmer 6-Inch Weir


    (No Reviews)

    …surface cleaning and exceptional mechanical filtration. Atlantic offers a sturdy removable lid supports foot traffic and natural rock camouflage and pump discharge step fittings provided on both sides of the skimmer for 1½ & 2 pipe. Don't want to use real rocks to hide the skimmer? This…
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  • Savio Pond Skimmer Leaf Baskets


    (1 Reviews)

    * Replacement Leaf Basket For Compact & Standard Models * Keeps Pond Surface Clean * Easy To Replace & Install The leaf baskets are replacements for the Compact and Standard Savio Skimmer models. Leaf baskets feature a rugged design and will help mechanically filter large surface debris.…
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  • Savio Standard Skimmerfilter


    (3 Reviews)

    …Types of Filtration Savio Skimmerfilter combines 3 types of filtration to become the hardest working skimmer in the pond industry. The rigid removable leaf basket simplifies skimmer clean out and protects your pump from harmful solid debris. The easy to remove filter media tray provides additional…
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  • Blue Thumb Serenity Complete 8' x 11' Pond Kit


    (1 Reviews)

    …and water gardens! The waterfall biologically filters & aerates the water making the pond safe for fish while keeping the pond water clean & clear! The skimmer skims the pond of debris before it can settle to the bottom and turn into sludge. Includes complete instructions. The Serenity Pond Kit…
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  • …Filters and nets in your skimmer box should be cleaned as needed so they do not get clogged with debris. Waterfall filters should only be cleaned when absolutely necessary. These filters are where your beneficial bacteria grow and thrive. If these filters need to be cleaned we recommended using a…
    …of the skimmer box. While it is not necessary to remove skimmers or waterfall boxes from the pond water should be drained from them to prevent cracking from freezing and thawing the ice. For ponds that do not contain skimmers it is not necessary to lower the water level in your pond. Step 3 - Clean
    …magnificent waterfall or stream. Atlantic Big Bahama Pro Series Similar to the RapidFlo Ecosystem these kits include a skimmer and waterfall filter to keep the water clean. The small medium and large sized kits allow you to not only to select the pond size you want but it also gives you the…
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