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Cleaning The Pond Pump

    …fallen begin your Fall pond maintenance and remove any pond netting and shut down your pond for winter. Pond Netting should be stored indoors to keep it safe from wear and tear due to heavy snowfall and ice. Next access your pump and filter for cleaning and storage. For ponds with waterfalls and…
  • TetraPond® In-Pond Skimmer


    (3 reviews)

    …existing ponds! Simply place the skimmer directly into the water weight it down with gravel connect it to your pump and let the skimming action begin! The large removable debris basket allows for easy maintenance. The weir door automatically adjusts to the water level for maximum surface cleaning.
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  • Blue Thumb Clear Water Pumps (formerly PondBuilder™)


    (12 reviews)

    …Many Pond Applications * Ideal For Medium Waterfalls The Clear Water line of pumps is a great choice for creating waterfalls and streams in pre-filtered water feature applications. An oil-free water-cooled design makes this submersible pump fish and plant friendly. The Clear Water pump is designed…
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    $197.99 - 314.99
  • Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your backyard pond clean. Keeping up with doses of beneficial bacteria checking your pump's impeller for debris and changing your UV bulb on a regular basis are only part of the upkeep. Removing debris floating in the water such as leaves and uneaten fish…
  • Oase® PondoVac 5


    (9 reviews)

    …5 is a multi-function pond vacuum for uninterrupted full power cleaning. The 1800 watt high performance motor provides a suction depth of up to 7.5' that effortlessly removes debris and silt from ponds or pools or from wet floors of any type. Thanks to the additional pump for wastewater discharge…
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  • Aquascape® Medium 11' x 16' Pond Kit w/AquaSurge® Pro Pump

    …of the pond improves the water quality and the health of pond fish. The Signature Series 1000 Pond Skimmer also houses and hides the submersible pond pump and plumbing from view which creates a more natural-looking pond. Signature Series 2500 BioFalls® Filter • Biological Pond Filter…
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  • Airmax® D-Scale™ Fountain & Aeration Cleaner


    (2 reviews)

    …Fountain & Aeration Cleaner is a powerful multi-functional fountain cleaning solution that deep cleans and removes limescale calcium rust stains and other mineral deposits. Quickly and easily clean fountain floats motors waterfall pumps impellers air stones diffusers and more. 100% biodegradable…
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    $24.99 - 59.99
  • pond parties planned right? Don't worry: Waterfall cleaning isn't a backbreaking chore. And if you use a cleaning aid like The Pond Guy Oxy-Lift™ Defense® the task is made even easier. Here we've outlined five simple steps for cleaning your waterfall using Oxy-Lift.* Power down your pump.
  • Oase® Waterfall Pump


    (7 reviews)

    …stream the Oase Waterfall Pumps are designed to handle debris up to 1/4 and to clean premium ceramic shafts and bearings for maximum efficiency. The compact design and 20' power cord and smaller plug size works well in a skimmer or camouflages easily within a pond or water feature. Maintenance…
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    $151.99 - 494.99
  • …if you have a 1000-gallon pond you need a pump that can produce at least 500 gallons per hour or GPH. If you have fish then it is best to double the pump's capacity to ensure that your water stays clean. A common misconception is that pump size is only related to pond size; however the size of a…
  • The Pond Guy® PumpBuddy™ Pre-Filter


    (23 reviews)

    * Protects Your Pump From Large Debris * Securely Fits Around Pump * Easy to Install Use & Clean Protect your submersible pumps from large debris with The Pond Guy PumpBuddy Pre-Filter. Constructed with durable 1/8 mesh fabric and 1 filtration media the PumpBuddy filters out solid debris before…
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  • Oase® FiltoClear Pressure Filter System


    (5 reviews)

    …Pressurized filters should be used with waterfall or stream in your backyard pond. The filtration feature allows you to have all the necessary components for sustaining life in your pond while allowing you to use only one pond pump and filter to reach your waterfall. The FiltoClear Pressure Filter…
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    $377.99 - 640.99