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Clear Colored Water

  • The Pond Guy® Activated Carbon


    (17 reviews)

    …* Includes 9 lbs. of Carbon w/ 1 Fine Mesh Bag The Pond Guy® Activated Carbon pond water clarifier safely clears tea-colored pond water. It is very effective at removing dissolved organics from pond water such as stains and discoloration caused by leaves and organic debris. Activated Carbon…
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  • …healthy pond doesn't just happen. It's created and maintained by you. Imagine seeing your fish thrive your plant flourish and your pond water turned crystal clear! You can achieve that kind of pond by understanding the five elements of a healthy pond. There is no need to be intimidated The Pond…
    …to your pond may seem like a foreign concept! Why would you want to add color to the water that you're working so hard to keep clear? Well there are aesthetic reasons - and some practical reasons too. Ultimately for water gardeners it is a matter of preference and we've outlined some common reasons…
    …are reduced. Using pond dye will keep the water cooler and allow fish to breathe easier during the summer.Pond Dye Colors The most popular reason to add dye to your pond is to enhance the natural color and beauty of your landscape. Pond dye colors include bright blue dark blue blue-green blue-black…
    …aeration system in your pond will infuse the water column with oxygen and circulate the entire water column. Aeration systems help reduce pond muck formation and weed growth while keeping your fish safe and comfortable. Next to keep your pond water clear and remove accumulated pond muck treat your…
    …contribute to low levels of oxygen in the water keeping it cooler on the bottom and warmer on top. As the seasons change the water in the pond will turnover causing the less oxygenated water to mix oxygenated water that can lead to winter fish kills and poor water quality. Proactive Approach Airmax…
  • The Pond Guy® ClearVac™ Suction Extension Tubes

    The suction extension tubes are replacement parts for The Pond Guy® ClearVac™ Pond Vacuum. Single extension tubes are available in black or clear colors.
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    $12.99 - 19.99
  • Aqua Ultraviolet Classic UV Clarifier 8 to 240 Watt


    (7 reviews)

    …Green Water * Designed for Indoor/Outdoor Use * Optional Wiper Quickly Cleans Quartz Sleeve * Available EZ Twist Option for Easy Installation Turn your water from green to clear with the Aqua Ultraviolet Classic UV Clarifiers. The rugged design maximizes UV effectiveness to clear your water in 3-5…
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    $204.40 - 2174.49
  • …Simple Take a clear glass jar dunk it in your pond fill it up with pond water and let it sit in your garage (or darker space) for 24 hours. Overnight the jar becomes a miniature version of your pond.The Results Green Water If your jar contains green-tined water or if the water has green particles…
  • API® Ammonia Test Kit


    (1 reviews)

    * Quickly Measure Ammonia Levels * Eas−-to−Read Color Charts * Help Maintain a Clear Pond The pond Ammonia Test Kit measures the ammonia level quickly and easily. Known as a toxic pond waste ammonia is excreted into your pond by fish birds and other pond life. Pond biological filters are…
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  • …Canadian Geese The abundance of waste that is produced by geese can wreak havoc on your lawn and pond can be problematic to pond owners that want clear water to swim in. The best defense against geese is to place realistic decoys in and around your pond to prevent them from turning your property…
  • The Pond Guy® LEDPro™ Mini 1-Watt 3 Pack


    (15 reviews)

    …stake making them versatile for use in or out of the water. Includes a photo cell that automatically turns the lights on at dusk and off at dawn eliminating the need for timers and switches. The LEDPro Mini 1-Watt Light kits includes clear red yellow green and blue interchangeable lenses.…
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