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    …Pond Management * Season−Long Results The Airmax ClearPAC Plus includes everything you need to keep your pond clean and clear all season long. Save time money and guesswork with this all-in-one pond care package. The ClearPAC Plus addresses the root of pond problems - excess nutrients and…
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  • …guesswork when choosing the appropriate water treatments by providing the most effective pond care products in one package the ClearPAC Plus. Inside your ClearPAC Plus box you'll fine the five components when used as directed to address the root of the most common pond problems by tackling excess…
    …managing your menace with herbicides you should also reduce muck and aerate the water to keep your overall pond healthy. The products in the ClearPAC Plus Pond Care Package – including PondClear MuckAway and EcoBoost – will help reduce the submerged and suspended organic debris. Combine…
    …Be patient and follow the dosage schedule and you'll ultimately be pleased with the results. MuckAway and PondClear are available in the ClearPAC Plus that has everything you need to care for your pond for a full six months. Help Out the Beneficial Bacteria To give the microorganisms a performance…
    …that can cause an algae bloom pH shift and potential fish kill. Adding an aeration system and beneficial bacteria like those found in the ClearPAC Plus will decrease toxic gases increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water and prevent harmful stratification from occurring. Try to catch…
    …growth. A pond at this point is said to be eutrophic or teeming with enough excess debris to support algae and weed growth. Aeration and beneficial bacteria such as the products in the ClearPAC Plus can be used to reduce current muck and prevent build up. Read more here: How to Eliminate Muck.
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