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Color Falls

  • Atlantic Colorfalls Lighted Waterfall Weir


    (3 Reviews)

    * Great for Decorative Water Features * Add Color to Your Evening Landscape * Add the Sound of Falling Water Atlantic Colorfalls are a perfect fit for formal retaining walls and pond-free applications Atlantic Colorfalls adds a breathtaking new dimension to a water feature - waterfalls with…
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    $197.99 - 385.99
  • Atlantic Colorfalls Basin Kit


    (1 Reviews)

    …Perfect Fit for Atlantic Colorfalls * Complete Plumbing Kit * Add the Sound of Falling Water Atlantic Basin Kits are designed to fit perfectly with all of Atlantic's formal spillways including the Colorfalls and the Color Changing Waterfall Weirs. Whatever your project is the Basin Kit provides…
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    $714.99 - 1079.99
  • Blue Thumb 28-Inch Medium Formal Falls

    * Stainless Steel Construction * Self Draining No Need to Winterize * Manufactured in the USA Blue Thumb 28 Medium Formal Falls (formerly PondBuilder) is the perfect solution to add the beauty of a waterfall into a variety of vertical wall applications. Features a large opening for thick showy water…
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  • GFRC Triple Falls Fountain Kits


    (2 Reviews)

    …Kits in Two Colors * Striking Dimensional Glass Fiber Boulders * Kit Includes Polished Pebbles for a Natural Look Enjoy the sound and natural look of one or three bubbling rock boulder sizes with the Blue Thumb Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Fountain Kits. The Triple Falls collection lets…
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    $749.99 - 1899.99
  • Blue Thumb GFRC Triple Falls Rocks


    (1 Reviews)

    …chestnut color to blend into your landscape. Use the rocks as a beautiful focal point or turn them into a bubbling fountain rock with a fountain conversion kit (sold separately). Each rock has a 1 PVC inlet in the center. Plumbing not included. Do you want to turn these GFRC Triple Falls Rocks into…
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    $149.99 - 279.99
  • Blue Thumb Basin Kit For Medium Formal Falls w/ LED Light

    …contain and recirculate water through the 28 Medium Formal Falls (Sold Separately). Great product to compete the formal falls installation in vertical walls. The basin can be sunk in-ground or used above ground and comes equipped with a color changing LED light fixture in the top of the basin. The…
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  • …in your koi's food can affect its color display so be sure to feed them some Growth & Vibrance Fish Food after transitioning them from their wheatgerm-based Spring & Fall Fish Food. It contains spirulina and stabilized vitamin C for show-stopping color. *} Goldfish Koi may be the living jewels…
    …for the water to mix with the solution on the test strip and read the results. To see what your water's carbonate hardness is match the color on the strip to the color block on the package. Remember to perform this test each time before you treat your pond with herbicides or algaecides as the levels…
    …green particles in it you most likely have algae. Planktonic algae – the source of algae blooms – are floating microscopic plants that color pond water green blue-green brown or variations in between. Your jar is telling you to treat for algae. Tea-Colored Water Discolored or tea-colored…
    …Medium and Large and two color options. They range between 22 x 19 x 3 and 42 x 36 x 5. * Atlantic Rock Lids: Camouflage your gadgets with rocks colored to match the bona fide rocks in your region. Atlantic Rock Lids are available in Small and Medium. These sizes fall between the size and height…
    …you to enjoy the view unobstructed and to have easy access to the pond for fish feeding and maintenance. * Fall - This is prime pond cover net season. When the leaves start changing color pond owners know that they will eventually end up in the water. A large accumulation of debris at the bottom…
    …may notice color changes in your catfish. Sometimes the changes are caused by natural reasons like age spawning and temperature fluctuations. Other times their coloring lightens from environmental causes like stress and disease. Your pond fish likely looked darker in the spring or fall - for good…
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