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    …herbicides provide broad-spectrum pond weed control in slow-moving water and kill what is actively growing in your pond. If duckweed has not completely taken over your water surface you may notice algae growth mixed in with the weeds – in which case you will need to treat the algae first.…
  • The Pond Guy DefensePAC Pond Care Packages


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    …and unnecessary guesswork. The Pond Guy DefensePAC combats common pond problems such as substandard water quality unwanted muck built up debris and poor fish health. The DefensePAC is available in two sizes both of which are packaged in a re-sealable bucket with complete easy-to-follow instructions.
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    $89.99 - 139.99
  • Copper Weeping Elm Tree Fountain Kit

    …to see. Every single element of this Weeping Elm Tree was carefully sculpted by our designer that pulled inspiration from the deep woodlands in England. The 60H x 22Dia. Copper Weeping Elm Tree can be purchased separately or as a complete fountain kit. Each fountain kit includes a single copper tree…
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    $6899.99 - 8199.99
  • Triple Glacier Marble Fountain Kit

    …Polished Pebbles Enhance your landscape with this formal marble design. Each fountain piece is cut out of natural stone with 3 smooth sides and 1 carefully chiseled rough side to create a natural garden aesthetic. The 3 columns measures 18 24 and 30 high and weigh 425 lb. This kit has everything you…
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  • API Pond Starter Bundle

    …in your pond quickly and accurately including pH ammonia nitrite and phosphate. This product conducts over 500 tests and is compact and convenient for easy home storage with 6 bottles of liquid test reagent laminated color cards 4 glass test tubes and a complete step-by-step instructional booklet.
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  • …fish go into hibernation and you shut your filter down for the season. Though things slow down not all the natural processes in your pond come to a complete halt. The organic debris that accumulated during the summer and fall will continue to decompose and as it does gasses will be released into the…
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