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  • Heron Stop


    (12 Reviews)

    …pond. The Heron Stop creates an impassable barrier that deters herons from getting too close and preying on your precious fish without blocking your view of the pond. Each pond heron deterrent kit contains 8 synthetic stakes 82' of nylon line and 8 jingle bells to protect up to 40' of shoreline. -->
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  • Mesh Filter Media Bags


    (62 Reviews)

    * Contain Your Filter Media * Long Lasting Nylon Mesh * Zipper or Draw String Closure Options No matter your choice in secondary filtration media these Mesh Filter Media Bags can handle it. The ultra fine 1/8 mesh on our Fine Mesh Filter Media Bag is ideal for small filter media like carbon or…
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    $3.99 - 9.99
  • Aquascape Adjustable Pouring Bamboo Fountain

    * Ideal For Use in Container Water Gardens * Installs in Minutes UV & Heat Resistant * Encapsulates the Look of Real Bamboo Upgrade the look of your container water garden or patio pond with the look and feel of real bamboo. The stunning design of the Aquascape Adjustable Pouring Bamboo Fountain is…
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  • Water Lily & Water Lotus Planting Tubs


    (1 Reviews)

    …Room for Plants to Expand Water Lily and Water Lotus Planting Tubs are made of plastic without holes or lattices to keep plants and soil neatly contained. The planting tubs are a convenient and practical way to group bog plants together or plant a lotus or water lily. The 5 gallon and 9 gallon tubs…
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    $15.99 - 25.99
  • Plant Socks


    (9 Reviews)

    * Contour Your Pond's Edge * Flexible Material Keeps Roots Contained * Available in Two Sizes For Your Planting Needs Create a more natural look by contouring your pond's edges and curves with these strong flexible plant socks. Now you can protect your plants from fish while keeping the roots from…
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    $12.99 - 16.99
  • Live Koi Packages - Bronze


    (3 Reviews)

    …koi at a fraction of the cost when you buy your koi fish online. All live koi packages are intended for ponds no less than 2000 gallons that contain adequate aeration and filtration to handle increased fish capacity. Bronze Koi Package includes 6 Choice Standard Fin Koi. Once ordered your koi…
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  • Aquascape Pouring 3-Tier Bamboo Fountain

    …Poly-Resin Easy to Install Aquascape Pouring Three-Tier Bamboo Fountain is a Japanese inspired pond decoration that can complement any patio or container garden. Standing about 15 inches tall this fountain creates the gentle sound of falling water as water drops from one tier to the next. The…
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  • Microbe-Lift Spring and Summer Cleaner


    (3 Reviews)

    …of Organic Debris * Pre−Measured Easy to Handle Packets Replenish winter bacteria loss and accelerate breakdown of organic debris with Microbe-Lift Spring and Summer Cleaner. Each container of Spring and Summer Cleaner contains 8 - 2 ounce water soluble packets. Safe to use with fish and pets.
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  • Blue Thumb Uniseals

    Attach tubing and pipes to pondless water feature basins container water gardens or other pipes easily with the Blue Thumb Black Uniseals. They can also be used as a replacement for skimmer box discharge holes and help prevent dirt and debris from entering the skimmer at the exit tubing.
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    $9.99 - 14.99
  • Bacti-Twist Biological/Mechanical Filter Media


    (2 Reviews)

    * Large Surface Area for Bacteria * Easy to Fit in Any Shape Container * Keep Water Healthy & Clear Improve and enhance your water clarity with Bacti-Twist Filter Media! This bio-ribbon media is black spiral-shaped plastic media that is designed to filter your pond both biologically and…
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  • Filter Media Blocks


    (4 Reviews)

    * Provides Surface Area for Bacteria * Easy to Fit in Any Shape Container * Keep Water Healthy & Clear Bio Blox Filter Media is a unique filtration media that can enhance your water clarity and reduce your ponds nutrient load. Bio Blox Filter Media is created from varying filter media in both…
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  • Aquascape Deer Scarer Bamboo Fountain

    …design displayed in Japanese gardens. Made from high-quality poly-resin material this 15H fountain is lightweight and resistant to UV and heat exposure. Ideal use for container water gardens indoor or outdoor water features. Note: 1/2 tubing is included but a small spitter pump is (not included).
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