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    Muck or sludge is a horrifying word for many pond keepers so what is it exactly? Muck is the accumulation of decomposing fish waste leaves aquatic vegetation and other organic material that is seen at the bottom of a water garden. When muck is disturbed (e.g. fish swimming nearby) it can enter the…
  • Aquascape Smart Control Plug


    (No Reviews)

    …The Aquascape Smart Control Plug is the easiest way to control your existing Aquascape outdoor electronics from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the free Aquascape Smart Control App on our Apple or Android device and plug up to three smart control products in the plug.…
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  • Kasco Control Panels


    (1 Reviews)

    …Easily Controls Kasco Fountains & Aerators * Includes Photocell for Lighting * 24 Hour Dial Timer Kasco offers 110-120V and 220-240V control panels to operate with Kasco aerators circulators and fountains that include GFI protection that protects you and your equipment from harm. All control panels…
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    $279.00 - 1562.00
  • Aquascape Universal Remote for Adjustable Flow Pumps

    …Adjustable Flow Pump and AquaSurge PRO Adjustable Flow Pumps to turn the pump on and off or adjust the water flow rates as desired. In order to control the flow of your Aquascape Adjustable Flow Pump without the use of a smartphone or tablet you will need to pair the universal remote to your…
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  • Aquascape Smart Control Receivers


    (2 Reviews)

    * Control Your Pond Pump from a Smartphone or Tablet * Adjusts Water Flow & Customize Scheduling * Compatible with Aquascape Adjustable Flow Pond Pumps Aquascape Smart Control Receiver connects to a Smart Control App allowing you to control Aquascape adjustable flow pond pumps with your smartphone…
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    $173.69 - 200.69
  • Atlantic Color Controller Replacement Module

    * Easy to Program Custom Light Sequences * Receiving Range up to 100 Feet Away * Enjoy 48 Vibrant Colors and 18 Patterns The Atlantic Color Controller Replacement Module can be used with any of the Atlantic retro 6-Wire Color Changing Colorfalls and SOL Lights. This will include the Atlantic SOL…
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  • TetraPond Algae Control


    (18 Reviews)

    * Control Algae Blooms * Clear Green Water Algae * Remove Excess Organic Debris Enjoy the beauty of your pond again with TetraPond Algae Control on your side. TetraPond Algae Control is an effective pond algae solution ideal for combating algae blooms (green water) string & hair algae (Spirogyra)…
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    $9.99 - 49.99
  • CrystalClear WipeOut Bacterial Control


    (9 Reviews)

    * Controls & Prevents Bacterial Infections * Controls Gill Diseases Finrot & Ulcers * FIsh Fungus Medicine CrystalClear WipeOut is safe to use for fish & plants when used to prevent and control many bacterial infections. CrystalClear WipeOut can be used any time your fish show signs of stress or…
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  • CrystalClear KoiAir2 Control Valve


    (No Reviews)

    The control valve allows you to balance airflow between multiple diffuser plates if desired. Replacement part for The Pond Guy Pond Aerator or CrystalClear KoiAir 2 Aeration Kits purchased 2015 or later. Designed for use with SilentAir KA40 Aeration Compressor.
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  • …need to treat the algae first. Pro tip: Propeller will control both algae and duckweed. Long Term: For long-term control a herbicide like fluridone which is found in Airmax WipeOut is recommended. When applied in early spring the herbicide controls established plants in 30 to 60 days and in 90 days…
  • Atlantic Color Changing Remote Control

    * White 2.4 GHZ Remote Control * For Colorfalls-Color Changing Waterfall Weir * Controls Atlantic SOL Pond Lights Atlantic Color Changing Remote Control is a replacement part that works on Atlantic SOL Lighting and the Colorfalls-Color Changing Waterfall Weir. This white 2.4 GHZ remote allows the…
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  • Aquascape 2-Way Flow Control Valve

    …Flow Control Valves on Each Discharge Port The Aquascape 2−Way Flow Control Valve is a convenient solution for redirecting and controlling the flow of your pond water. This 2−way valve works by allowing water to enter through one port and exit through two. Independent control valves…
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