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Copper Remover

    …temperature pH and carbonate hardness. Some algaecides like Algae Defense work best when water temperatures are above 60°F. Many algaecides are copper based and should not used with koi trout or goldfish unless carbonate hardness (KH) is above 50 ppm. Also remember to take a look at the product…
  • Blue Thumb AquaBox Basins

    …Fountains * Includes Removable Top Panels & Center Support * Holds up to 2000 lbs of Weight & 220 gal of Water Blue Thumb AquaBox Basins are a lightweight supportive base for large and heavy decorative fountains. These basins are ideal for vases real stone fountains copper fountains and…
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    $494.99 - 1025.99
  • …read the product label before use and for these more sensitive fish you may also choose to use an algaecide or herbicide that does not contain copper to avoid any issues. Measuring Minerals If you're curious about your water's carbonate hardness level or you plan to use an algaecide or herbicide…
  • Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting Fountain Add-On Kit

    …•Mechanical Filtration to Remove Debris Aquascape Downspout Filter is the first step in capturing filtering and reusing rainwater. It can be buried out of sight at the base of a downspout. Incoming rainwater is passed through a series of mechanical filters that remove leaves twigs seeds and…
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  • …UV clarifiers are designed to destroy the ultrafine particles that cause discolored water. Once killed the dead particles clump together to be removed by your mechanical filter. When selecting a UV clarifier you will need to take your pond and pump size into account. If your pump is too large the…
    …roof and into your downspouts. Instead of the water flowing onto your lawn it will pass a series of mechanical filters that are hidden from view removing leaves twigs seeds and small sediment before it flows through a pipe system diverting the water to another area or to an underground rainwater…
  • GreenClean Granular Algaecide


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    * Control Algae Blooms At First Sight * Clear String Algae From Streams & Waterfalls * Remove Excess Organic Debris GreenClean Granular Algaecide is a non-copper based algaecide that works on contact to control algae in ornamental ponds watering gardens and other water features. Through its…
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    $26.99 - 59.99

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