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Cord Cover

  • Economy Faux Rock


    (14 Reviews)

    …Recessed Base For Power Cords & Airlines * Paintable Texture Molded Plastic Construction * Protect Your Pond & Yard Equipment The Economy Faux Rock is ideal for customers looking for a simple cover or decoration for outdoor applications. The Economy Outdoor Fake Rock cover comes in a black…
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  • Aquascape Faux Oak Stump Cover

    …High Winds Doubles as a Seat* Ideal for Covering Unsightly Landscape Components* Hides Wells Outlets Cords Transformers & More The Aquascape Faux Oak Stump Cover is versatile and unique. Made of a heavy-duty poly-resin this durable hollow cover features an extremely realistic oak appearance…
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  • The Pond Guy Pond Aerator


    (144 Reviews)

    …today. Kits include 17 watt 0.8 CFM diaphragm compressor with 6' power cord PTFE diffuser(s) and weighted airline (15' per diffuser). Protect your investment from the outdoor elements with a TrueRock Small Boulder to cover your aeration unit. Each boulder is vented for proper air flow while…
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    $169.99 - 307.98
  • Tsurumi Water Feature Pump Series


    (3 Reviews)

    …water pump is made of corrosion-resistant material fiberglass reinforced plastic impeller volute and top cover that will pass up to 1.4 solid. The vertical pump fits perfectly in skimmers when paired with an optional check valve. All models are 115V with a 20' power cord and carry a 2-year warranty.
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    $320.45 - 1275.85
  • …rocks will blend into your backyard design. * Economy Faux Rock: A cost-effective option for covering your equipment or plumbing fixtures. The recessed base allows for airflow and gives a place for cords and airlines on this 16.5 x 14 x 10.5 rock. Use the rock right out of the box or you can paint…
  • Aquascape IonGen 2 - Electronic Clarifier


    (4 Reviews)

    …on treatment level. The Aquascape IonGen 2 is an EPA registered algaecide to control string algae in your water garden. Looking to conceal the control panel? Cover a post an control panel with the Aquascape Faux Oak Stump Cover. The realistic oak finish blends into any outdoor setting naturally.
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  • Farm Innovators Floating Pond De-Icer


    (26 Reviews)

    …Floating Pond Deicer is thermostatically controlled and turns on only when temperatures drop below 35°F. The Farm Innovators Floating Pond De-Icer comes with a 10' power cord and is safe for rubber and plastic liners. The Farm Innovators Floating Pond De-Icer is covered by a 3 year warranty. -->
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  • Atlantic 1-Watt Color Changing Pond Light Kits

    …sequences and timing. A power cord outdoor 12-volt transformer removable light base and photocell are also included. The photocell features a built-in memory that records the last 24 hours and repeats that schedule indefinitely even if the photocell gets covered by debris or overgrown plantings.
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    $116.99 - 168.99
  • …up with the cold. Covering a corner of the pond with a piece of plywood and placing the de-icer under it will block the wind and hold in some heat. You can also try placing a bucket with the bottom cut out over the de-icer after the ice has formed. If you have complete ice cover simply fill a pan…
    …boulders and cover the bottom of the pond using gravel. The gravel will protect the liner and give it a more natural look. We suggest using gravel that is about 1 in diameter with smooth edges.Step 10: Add Lights Nestle your lights between the boulders. Be sure to wrap about 1' of power cord around…
    …wrap some excess cord around the light so you can easily pull it out of the water when it is time to do some maintenance. Photocells & Timers If the lights selected came with a photocell be sure to keep the photocell out of the water and into an area where it will not be covered up on windy days…
  • TetraPond GreenFree Ultraviolet Clarifiers


    (13 Reviews)

    …hose fittings ensure the perfect fit to your existing flexible plumbing and an 15 foot power cord ensures power is always within reach. Easily camouflage your 5 Watt 9 Watt & 18 Watt units with a TrueRock Medium Boulder Cover. The 36 Watt unit can be hidden by TrueRock Large Boulder Cover.
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    $119.99 - 279.99
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