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Cover Seam

  • Rubber EPDM Liner Double-Sided Seam Tape - 3


    (1 reviews)

    * Ideal To Splice Pond Liner With Stream Liner * Super Sticky For Easy & Quick Use * Ensure A Seal Every Time Double Sided 3 Seam Tape features an easy to use Peel & Stick method of splicing together EPDM pond liners. Once your seam has been made cover with 5 EPDM Liner Seam-Cover Tape.
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    $24.99 - 99.99
  • Rubber EPDM Liner Cover Seam Tape - 5


    (1 reviews)

    * Extra Protection When Seaming Liners * Super Sticky For Easy & Quick Use * Ensure A Seal Every Time Place 5 Liner Cover Seam Tape over a seamed liner as extra protection. Use with 3Liner Double-Sided Seam Tape.
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    $39.99 - 159.99
  • Quick Roof™ UltraBond SeamPrime

    ( reviews)

    Quick Roof™ UltraBond SeamPrime is a primer/surface conditioner and adhesive enhancer for self adhering cover seam tapes and self-adhering membranes and underlayments. Cold weather and less than ideal surface conditions can inhibit the adhesion of self-adhesive tapes and membranes. SeamPrime…
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  • Pond Underlayment


    (21 reviews)

    …fabric will not rot or mildew and is resistant to damage from insects and rodents. Underlayment should cover all surfaces in which the pond liner will be placed. Underlayment does not need to be seamed joints may be simply overlapped. Not sure what size you need? Try our Water Garden Calculator or…
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    $24.99 - 159.99
  • …fabricated to reduce field seaming. Large Liner Options * PVC is widely used in irrigation reservoirs detention ponds and golf course ponds. This liner is very flexible and cost effective; however it can degrade by sunlight. To protect it the liner should be covered with at least 12 of soft sand…
    …using Fish Safe Silicone to create a watertight seal. Pro Tip: If you are installing your waterfall into an existing feature you do not need to seam the streamliner to the pond liner. Simply place the streamliner over the pond liner so water can flow properly.Step 5 – Rock Solid Add larger…