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Cut Weeds

  • Jenlis Weed Razer™ Aquatic Weed Cutter


    (66 reviews)

    …Vegetation * Reduce Timely Maintenance * Cut At The Base Of Pond Weeds The revolutionary Jenlis Weed Razer™ Aquatic Weed Cutter easily removes stubborn pond weeds in just a few minutes! The ingenious aquatic weed cutter has a unique V-shaped lake weed cutter head with razor sharp blades that…
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  • The Pond Guy® 28” Weed Cutter


    (35 reviews)

    …for Submerged Marginal & Terrestrial Weeds * Cuts Through the Toughest Weeds * Reduce Timely Maintenance The Pond Guy® Aquatic Weed Cutter is perfect for mechanical removal of submerged marginal and terrestrial weeds. This 28 wide double-sided weed cutter comes with a two-piece rustproof…
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  • …treat problematic weeds you need to positively identify and determine how many types of weeds in your pond. Most algaecides and herbicides will treat a variety of weeds and algae so it is not always necessary to identify the exact weed but to just determine the class of weeds it belongs to. Weed
  • Jenlis Weed Razer™ Pro Aquatic Weed Cutter


    (23 reviews)

    …included 25' rope the Weed Razer™ Pro is capable of cutting virtually every type of pond weed. This weed razor pond tool is able to cut in deep water shallow water at the base of weeds and will provide very little resistance as it slices through vegetation. Remove weeds in a simple 4 step…
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  • Jenlis Weed Razer™ Express Aquatic Weed Cutter


    (8 reviews)

    …* Light Weight & Cuts a 30 Path * Cuts In Narrow Places Between Docks The revolutionary Jenlis Weed Razer™ Express Aquatic Weed Cutter easily removes stubborn pond weeds in just a few minutes! The ingenious Weed Razer™ Express has a unique V-shaped pond weed cutter head with razor…
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  • …are best to rake or skim off floating weeds and algae from the surface of the water. A Weed Cutter and Weed Raker can remove emergent weeds like phragmites or the roots can be dug up but it will regrow from seeds and remaining rhizomes. Submerged weeds can also be raked however if any fragments…
  • Jenlis Collapsible Razer Rake


    (4 reviews)

    …designed to remove: • Weed roots to prevent re-growth of submerged weeds and roots • Debris floating on the surface of the water • Shorter bottom-dwelling weeds • Decaying organic matter on the bottom If you have recently cut your weeds with Jenlis Weed Razer™ use Jenlis…
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  • …path through weeds. The Weed Razer™ Pro is adjustable to clear areas between 12 inches and 62 inches wide and weighs 9 pounds. All Weed Razer models come with a 25-foot rope so you can easily toss it into the affected area and pull it back. Pond Rakes After cutting the weeds a rake will make…
    …to contact chemicals it is best to treat first as cutting the plants down stops the absorption process and prevents the chemical from getting into their system. For more information of which chemical is best to treat your algae or weeds see our Weed Identification Guide. Ready for Removal After you…
    …and other invasive aquatic weeds. These herbicides provide broad-spectrum pond weed control in slow-moving water and kill what is actively growing in your pond. If duckweed has not completely taken over your water surface you may notice algae growth mixed in with the weeds – in which case you…
    …upper and two lower incisors overlap allowing them to self-sharpen as they are used. Folds of skin behind the incisors allow a submerged muskrat to cut vegetation without getting water into its mouth. The musk part of the critter's moniker derives from musk glands that are predominant beneath the…
    …Here's what we recommend: *  Remove the habitat: Because mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs in stagnant water cut down dead debris around the edge of the pond with your  Weed Cutters and Rakes as these calm secluded areas are perfect for developing wigglers and tumblers. Also drain…