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  • Applied Biochemists Cutrine Plus Granular Algae Control


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    …Granular Formula * Great For Bottom Growing Algae & Chara * No Water Use Restrictions Cutrine Plus Granular Algaecide has the same active ingredient as the liquid version is fast-acting plus works great on bottom forming algae like Chara. For best results apply this granular algae treatment…
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  • Jenlis Cut-Resistant Gloves

    …when cutting weeds out of your pond with Jenlis Cut-Resistant Gloves. Equipped with a textured nitrile coating to prevent slipping and reduce the risk of injury from sharp blades and pointed objects. These lightweight puncture-resistant gloves protect hands against nicks cuts and abrasions. Plus
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  • …almost impossible to skim and rake out of the pond because they are so tiny. Other weeds like cattails and bulrush can still be problematic after cutting because they will regrow from seeds and remaining rhizomes. Both algaecides (used to treat forms of algae) and herbicides (treats pond weeds) can…
    …wait until there is at least 12 - 18 of exposed growth to apply product. A systemic herbicide like Shoreline Defense & Treatment Booster Plus will kill the cattails down to the root to prevent the plant from re-growing. The roots of pond cattails are the most difficult part of the plant…
    …they grow to cover a lake or pond's surface. That could compromise fish health and cut off sunlight to underwater plants. Treat Effectively Short Term: Ultra PondWeed Defense or Propeller used with Treatment Booster Plus are your go-to herbicide products for short-term control of duckweed and other…
    …upper and two lower incisors overlap allowing them to self-sharpen as they are used. Folds of skin behind the incisors allow a submerged muskrat to cut vegetation without getting water into its mouth. The musk part of the critter's moniker derives from musk glands that are predominant beneath the…
    …– whether planktonic filamentous or chara – is to make the most contact between actively growing algae and an algaecide. If the algae is cut or broken into smaller pieces it's harder for the chemicals to make contact. Because algae does not have a defined root system it will just keep…
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