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Decorative Stones

  • Blue Thumb Polished Pebbles


    (3 Reviews)

    Decorative Pebbles for Fountains* Adds the Finishing Touch to Water Features * Two Color Options Covers 6.25 Sq. Ft. A fountain can add an artistic focal point to your garden or landscape. Give your pondless water feature the finishing touch with Blue Thumb Polished Pebbles. These decorative stones
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  • …tank assemblies can get hidden with the Super Rock. The flange design allows you to anchor the rock in place. Once you add mulch or landscaping stone these soft gray colored rocks will blend into your backyard design. * Economy Faux Rock: A cost-effective option for covering your equipment or…
  • Atlantic Eco-Rise Water Feature Riser


    (4 Reviews)

    …Create reservoirs of practically any size shape or volume supporting any number of decorative items with complete adjustability. The Eco-Rise ports allow you to plumb illuminate and adjust decorative stone or statuary of any size or weight even while running. The extremely strong radial structure…
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  • Aquascape DecoBasin Liner Tarp

    …water and redirects it back into the underground water reservoir to be re-pumped up to the fountain. Using only the highest quality materials it weighs only 0.5 lb and features a 15-inch diameter hole. Mulch or decorative stone can be placed on top of the skirt to hide the Liner Tarp from view.
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  • Aquascape Stacked Slate Urn Landscape Fountain Kits

    …Light Accessories • Brighten the Stacked Urn at Night • Fire & LED Light Kit Add-Ons • Decorative Landscape Stones Finish the look of the Stacked Slate Fountain Urn with decorative stone (sold here) that will camouflage the water reservoir and match your existing landscape. Or gather…
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    $615.98 - 1279.98
  • Aquascape Fire Fountains

    …self-contained durable glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) simple plug-and-play water feature includes the pump plumbing and fire feature. Decorative stones and paraffin oil (required) not included. (sold separately here).--> Fire Fountain Basin • Durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete…
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    $439.98 - 719.98
  • Blue Thumb AquaBox Basins

    …Large & Heavy Decorative Fountains * Includes Removable Top Panels & Center Support * Holds up to 2000 lbs of Weight & 220 gal of Water Blue Thumb AquaBox Basins are a lightweight supportive base for large and heavy decorative fountains. These basins are ideal for vases real stone fountains copper…
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    $549.99 - 1139.99
  • Aquascape Standing Crane Spitter

    …41 Tall A symbol of grace and beauty the Aquascape Standing Crane Spitter is lightweight and easy to install. This decorative crane stands 41 high and features the look of stone but at the fraction of the cost. The designer poly-resin UV and heat resistant material is molded with intricate detail…
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  • Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting Fountain Add-On Kit

    …existing decorative fountain. The water will spill over the top of your decorative piece and will flow back down into your existing water storage system where it is recirculated. Do not have a decorative fountain? You can create your own with bubbling urns boulders stone or antique lawn decorations.
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  • Atlantic Splash Ring

    * Great For Formal Spillways & Recirculating Systems * Eliminates Water Splash & Reduce Evaporation * Stones Stay In Place The Atlantic Splash Rings are a great decorative way to control the splash and reduce evaporation from your Colorfalls to prolong time between fill ups. The splash ring works by…
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    $178.99 - 410.99
  • Oase AquaOxy 450


    (1 Reviews)

    …exposed to the elements keeping your pond well oxygenated throughout the year. Includes (2) 16' of air tubing and 2 air stones. Looking to blend your AquaOxy 450 pond aerator into your landscape? Cover the aerator with a TrueRock Small Boulder for decor and added protection against the elements.
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  • Atlantic Small Rock Lids


    (2 Reviews)

    …Rock Cover * Cover Skimmers Vaults & More Say goodbye to that plastic fake rock look forever with Atlantic realistic Rock Lids. Molded from real stones the sturdy fiberglass construction authentic textures and incredibly real finishes set these Rock Lids apart. Three regional colors ensure the…
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