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    …taking the place of vital oxygen for your fish. * Hook up a de-Icer and aerator. Colder water holds more oxygen than warmer water but you'll still want to keep an area open in the ice to release toxic gas and bring in fresh oxygen. When a small waterbody is covered for long periods of time with ice…
    …is formed completely over the pond the gasses become trapped replacing the oxygen and leading to a fatal situation for your fish. Heaters and de-icers keep a hole open in the ice to allow for ventilation but they are not able to circulate the pond to move those gasses out. In comes aeration…
    …leaves and debris from ponds and streams with the help of a hand net. If you have hard to reach small debris use a vacuum like the ClearVac. Step 6 - Install Aeration Kit & De-Icer Aeration and de-icers help to keep a hole open in the ice during winter months. This prevents harmful gases from…
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