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Dissolved Oxygen Test

    …from the bottom depths all the way to the pond's surface. This circulation drives oxygen to the bottom of the pond allowing good bacteria to digest muck reducing nutrients and increasing the overall dissolved oxygen in the pond. Spring-Fed or Under Aerated A spring-fed pond is fed by a spring or…
    …To help increase the number of beneficial microorganisms seed your filter media with PL Gel and add Nature's Defense to the water. Boosting dissolved oxygen levels in the pond can also be helpful with a simple aeration kit. Maintain Bacteria Levels In the early spring when established ponds are…
    …above or lurk alongside the pond will not be able to see them as easily giving the fish time to flee to safety. Second as temperatures rise dissolved oxygen levels in the pond are reduced. Using pond dye will keep the water cooler and allow fish to breathe easier during the summer. Pond Dye Colors…
    …Increase Water Movement - A fountain or aeration system that is properly sized and placed will provide dissolved oxygen and increased circulation in a pond's natural ecosystem. The increased oxygen and water movement will provide the best possible environment for beneficial bacteria improving…
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