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Dog Pond

  • Aquascape Naughty Dog Spitter

    …to Any Garden Sure to create a conversation and a laugh. Put this dog in an unexpected place! The Aquascape Naughty Dog Spitter is a poly-resin animal garden statue that provides the trickling sound of water as it falls into the pond. This 18.5L x 10W x 10.5H has the texture shape and finish of real…
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  • …can also transmit dangerous diseases like malaria dengue yellow fever West Nile virus dog heartworm Zika virus and equine encephalitis. Citronella candles and bug spray can help keep them at bay but the best pond mosquito control methods are those which treat the source directly. For example you're…
    …potential danger. Perhaps however you want the pond to be open so your water-loving dog has a place to play you can test your green-thumb with something new or find a new hobby in fish-keeping. If that is the case opt for the AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit. * Do you need a professional? You do not have…
  • RAVE Sports Water Whoosh


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    …material the Water Whoosh can be a slip and slide on the water a water ski or wakeboard starting platform a hang out on hot days (perfect for dogs too!) or even play King of the Hill! The Water Whoosh is available in three sizes 10' 15' and 20' but you can connect them together to create an…
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    $699.99 - 1099.99
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