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Drain Aerator

    …a pump sock. The next item to add to the holding tank is an aeration kit like the PondAir2. An aeration kit will ensure the oxygen levels in the holding tank stay saturated. Step 2 - Remove fish & drain your pond. Continue to drain your pond until there is about one foot of water left. Catching…
    …Install Aeration Kit & De-Icer Aeration and de-icers help to keep a hole open in the ice during winter months. This prevents harmful gases from being trapped under the ice and allows oxygen levels to stay saturated in the pond. Install an aeration kit such as The Pond Guy Pond Aerator in the…
    …keep churning and exchanging bad gases for good. If you still feel like you should shut down your pump each night at least keep an aerator like The Pond Guy Pond Aerator running to keep the water circulating. An aeration kit consumes even less electricity than pumps - costing only pennies per month.
    …bungee cords or other tie-downs. That will keep them safe and secure. * Aeration System: Just as you aerate your water garden you'll need to aerate your holding tank. An energy-efficient aeration kit like the PondAir Aeration Kits are great for indoor tanks. * Filter: It is important to also filter…
    …of the pond with weed cutters and rakes. Also drain containers with standing water (buckets gutters and ditches) and regularly change the water in animal troughs pet dishes and birdbaths.* Keep the Water Moving: In your pond or lake add an Airmax aeration system or pond fountain to improve oxidation…
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