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Drain Pipe

  • 90° Thru-Liner Bottom Drain

    Install a bottom drain to help remove debris off the bottom of your pond or water feature. For use on ponds with pond liners helps debris to be removed from the bottom of the pond. Connect to pump via 3 PVC ABS pipe or swimming pool flex hose.
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  • Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting Downspout Filter

    …below a downspout to collect the water from the roof during a heavy rainstorm. Designed with a molded hose tail to accommodate a 3 or 4 corrugated drain pipe to direct the water into an optional water storage reservoir or away from your foundation to prevent flooding. Small percolation holes at the…
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  • …Attach your check valve to the flexible tubing. Lastly connect an overflow pipe to the back of the skimmer when you build your pond. Make sure the overflow hole is near the top above the natural water level so you don't drain your pond too low. Attach a leak-proof bulkhead to the hole which provides…
    …These fittings are a bit different since they do not attach direct to tubing. Instead this type screws together with a female pipe thread (FPT) fitting sitting atop a male pipe thread (MPT). A good example of this type of fitting is on a pop bottle where the cap has a FPT and the bottle has a MPT.…
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