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Ducks In Pond

  • Flambeau® Storm Front™ Mallard Decoy Pair


    (40 reviews)

    * Made in the USA. * Most Realistic Mallard Decoys * Full Sized Keel Provides Stability The Flambeau® Storm Front™ Mallard Decoys are two quality made plastic floating duck decoys. They can be used decoratively and make a wonderful conversation piece or placed into your small pond or water…
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  • Laguna Floating Pond Ducklings


    (7 reviews)

    Pond Ducklings. Constructed of durable molded plastic and painted with realistic coloring and markings. Laguna Floating Pond Ducklings are designed with a bottom-mounted counter weight to keep the duckling floating upright. Two mounting rings allow you to anchor your floating pond ducks securely in
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    $2.99 - 7.99
  • Bird-X 3D-Coyote Decoy


    (13 reviews)

    * Deter Pests From Stopping At Your Pond * Life−like Tail Moves In the Wind * Durable Construction For Years Of Use The Bird-X 3D-Coyote Decoy will help control and deter common pests such as geese waterfowl ducks skunks rabbits and other rodents. The Coyote Decoys have a 3D build that makes…
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  • …and ducks which are then introduced into your pond as they loiter in your yard. Whether or not you should let geese use your pond depends on what you want to use your pond for. If you use your pond for recreation or decorative purposes it will be in your best interest to keep them away. If your pond
    …less than 1 millimeter in size you can fit 10 to 20 of them on the tip of your finger. Duckweed and watermeal colonies can provide a habitat for microscopic critters and forage for hungry ducks but the plants can reduce oxygen in the water if they grow to cover a lake or pond's surface. That could…
    …odors are common in ponds that are not aerated particularly during certain times of the year. In the summer and winter non-aerated ponds stratify into layers of water with distinct temperature differences. While the water is stratified the oxygen in the lower portion of the pond is used up quickly.…