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Edge Plants

  • Lemon Bacopa Bundle of 5


    (5 Reviews)

    …bog plant or in water as a floating or submerged plant. The Lemon Bacopa is a great aquatic pond plant for providing a place for fish to hide and reproduce. Lemon Bacopa plants are ideal for tucking into crevices along the pond edge bog area or waterfall. Please Note: Each order includes five plants
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  • …deeper area of your pond. * Bog Plants: These also should be planted in containers filled with Planting Media. These can be planted round the edges of your pond using Plant Bags or inside the pond with the Floating Island Planter. Do not forget to fertilize your plants to give them the nutrients…
    Plants: These are fantastic oxygenators. Submerged plants are also able to absorb excess nutrients so there is no need to fertilize them. * Bog Plants: Bog plants are planted around the perimeter of your pond or in shallow areas. There is a lot of variety in the color size and shape of these plants
  • Plant Socks


    (9 Reviews)

    * Contour Your Pond's Edge * Flexible Material Keeps Roots Contained * Available in Two Sizes For Your Planting Needs Create a more natural look by contouring your pond's edges and curves with these strong flexible plant socks. Now you can protect your plants from fish while keeping the roots from…
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    $12.99 - 16.99
  • Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kits

    …light waves needed to grow plants indoors. This extremely efficient LED allows for quick and easy connection to the AquaGarden upper filter. It provides ample light from 15.5-inches above the top edge of the AquaGarden for proper indoor plant development. Click here to purchase the Plant Light.
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  • …aquatic plants use 2½ cups of salt per 100 gallons of water and disperse the pond salt evenly around the edge of your pond. Salt will not evaporate or get filtered out so the only time you need to add more salt is when you change out your water.Using Salt in Koi Ponds with Plants Higher salt…
    …pond's edge. * Slope – Steep slopes can put too much stress on a liner and cause premature wear. Both PVC and RPE liners are designed to be used in ponds no steeper than a 3:1. For example in a pond that has a 3:1 slope if you drew an imaginary 3' horizontal line from the pond's edge the pond…
  • Aquascape Small 8' x 11' Pond Kit w/AquaSurge 3000 Pump

    …Innovative Locking Weir Door Pond Skimmers are an integral component of a successfully balanced ecosystem pond. Typically placed alongside the pond's edge a pond skimmer will continuously sweep the surface of the water drawing in leaves and floating debris. Removing the unsightly debris before it…
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  • …of the pond for maintenance in the future. Place your lights so they shine out away from the viewing area.Step 11: Add Plants & Fill Pond Place bog plants on the shallow plant shelf and lilies in the bottom of the pond. Don't worry if they aren't covering the pond's surface yet they'll grow quickly.…
    plants and algae. Pond dye actively blocks specific portions of the sunlight spectrum slowing growth and keeping your water clear and clean. Note that pond dyes do not inhibit growth of emergent plants (e.g. cattails) or floating plants (e.g. water lily). For more information on aquatic plants and…
    …Here's what we recommend:* Remove the Habitat: Because mosquitoes prefer to lay eggs in stagnant water cut down and remove dead debris around the edge of the pond with weed cutters and rakes. Also drain containers with standing water (buckets gutters and ditches) and regularly change the water in…
    There's nothing more frustrating than hiding or skittish fish. Part of the joy of having a water garden is to sit by the pond's edge feed your fish and relax while you watch them enjoy their underwater world. When they dash off and hide at the site of anything coming near them or they hole up and…
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