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Elite Waterfall

  • Blue Thumb Elite Series Waterfall Filters


    (6 Reviews)

    …Water Blue Thumb Elite Series Waterfall Filters are able to create beautiful high-volume waterfalls while blending seamlessly into your pond's landscape. The durable mold is reinforced with multiple ribs and gussets to make this a long-lasting waterfall filter. The Elite Waterfall Filter has a…
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    $287.99 - 899.99
  • Blue Thumb Elite Falls Pondless Kit


    (33 Reviews)

    …pondless waterfalls in your backyard without having to maintain a pond! Available in various sizes these easy-to-install low maintenance waterfall kit contains all of the water feature supplies you need to create a soothing waterfall feature. The trouble-free design of this waterfall pond kit makes…
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    $971.99 - 2699.99
  • Blue Thumb Elite Pond Kits

    Elite Waterfall Filter Box • Biological Pond Filtration • Creates Movement and Sound • High-Volume Waterfalls Waterfalls bring movement sound and tranquility to a water feature. When sized properly waterfalls are an ideal solution for biological filtration. The Blue Thumb Elite Series…
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    $1394.99 - 3194.99
  • Blue Thumb Elite Cascade Spillway

    …Falling Water * Professional Grade Design The PondBuilder Elite Cascade Spillway has a heavy duty design that makes these waterfall spillways a professional's choice. The durable mold is reinforced with multiple ribs and gussets. The Elite Cascade Spillway also includes marine-grade stainless…
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    $179.99 - 539.99
  • Blue Thumb Elite Pump Canyons


    (No Reviews)

    …Heavy Rocks * Ideal For Using In Pondless Water Features * Octagonal Shape Prevents Distortion Simplify any construction of vanishing waterfalls endless waterfalls or endless streams using a Blue Thumb Pump Canyon. The Pump Canyon protects your pump from crushing forces of rocks and water with a…
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    $116.99 - 359.99
  • Blue Thumb Elite Pump Canyon Extension

    * Create Deeper Waterfall Basins * Designed For The Elite Pump Canyon * Easy Sizing Reference Increase the depth of your pondless waterfall basin with the Elite Pump Canyon Extension. Designed to connect directly to the Elite Pump Canyon these Pump Canyon Extensions allow you to create basins up to…
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    $84.99 - 224.99
  • Blue Thumb Elite Spillway - 28-Inch


    (1 Reviews)

    …Pondless Applications * Strong & Durable Construction * Compact & Easy to Hide Blue Thumb Elite Spillways are great for starting a pondless waterfall or meandering stream. Unlike waterfall filters this spillway is designed to only provide a pooling area for water; this is not a biological…
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  • …of your pond away from your waterfall or discharge. If possible bury the AllClear G2 to keep your filter stable and help camouflage it. * Skimmer Boxes: If your pond gets a lot of leaves or you have a high-volume pump you want to hide skimmers are a practical option. Elite Skimmers can filter up to…
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