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Fall Maintenance

    …Aeration Kit * De-Icer * Seasonal Defense * Wheatgerm Fish FoodStep 1 - Prepare for Shutdown Once all of the leaves have fallen begin your Fall pond maintenance and remove any pond netting and shut down your pond for winter. Pond Netting should be stored indoors to keep it safe from wear and tear…
    …Though things slow down not all the natural processes in your pond come to a complete halt. The organic debris that accumulated during the summer and fall will continue to decompose and as it does gasses will be released into the water column. Moreover those excess nutrients act as a fertilizer and…
    After your spring pond cleaning would it be nice to just sit back relax and watch the fish swim? It can be that easy with just some light maintenance throughout the season. Water Treatments The DefensePAC® has everything you need to help keep your pond clean and clear for up to six months. The…
    …debris. When you pull it up out of the water it will form a scoop so no debris falls back into the water.Scissors & Pliers Trim and remove plants with ease. Use Pond Scissors & Pliers to make plant maintenance quick and easy. Simply trim plants like dead water lily leaves with the scissors…
  • TetraPond® Spring & Fall Diet Fish Food

    …Out Of Winter * Highly Digestible For Less Waste TetraPond® Pond Sticks are a maintenance fish food enriched with essential vitamins to help keep your fish healthy active and energized. The Spring and Fall fish food is a special blend that is designed to soften quickly upon hitting the water.…
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    $22.99 - 35.99
  • Blue Thumb Elite Falls Pondless Kit (formerly PondBuilder™)


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    …Create beautiful pondless waterfalls in your backyard without having to maintain a pond! Available in various sizes these easy-to-install low maintenance waterfall kit contains all of the water feature supplies you need to create a soothing waterfall feature. The trouble-free design of this…
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    $944.99 - 2510.99
  • Blue Thumb Basin Kit For Medium Formal Falls w/ LED Light (formerly PondBuilder™)

    …light fixture in the top of the basin. The LED light shins up illuminating the waterfall and wall behind the falls creating a cool display while making it more accessible for maintenance and replacement. Looking to install an auto fill valve to maintain the water level? The pre-installed spin welds…
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  • Aquascape® AquaBasin® 45

    …access. The large size of the corner access is compatible with larger pumps and is the area is elevated to prevent gravel from falling into the basin during pump maintenance. Drillable Deck Cylinders Drillable deck cylinders across the top of the basin provide endless plumbing and lighting options…
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  • …out the videos on the webpages for RapidFlo™ Ecosystem Pond Kit or the Cascading Falls Pondless Kit for some expert tips. * How much maintenance time do you have? Pondless waterfalls are the lower maintenance option and great for those who just want a place to sit back and relax. But pondless…
  • Atlantic® FilterFalls Big Bahama Pro Series


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    * Add Bio−filtration To Your Pond * Great For Medium to Large Ponds * Add The Sound of Falling Water Enjoy the beauty of a natural falls in your waterscape with Atlantic FilterFalls Big Bahama Pro Series. Beyond creating the visual qualities of a waterfall FilterFalls units provide biological…
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    $358.99 - 695.99
  • …remove pond netting in the summer. This allows you to enjoy the view unobstructed and to have easy access to the pond for fish feeding and maintenance. * Fall - This is prime pond cover net season. When the leaves start changing color pond owners know that they will eventually end up in the water.…
  • Nycon Big Top Pond Covers


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    * Stop Predators From Getting To Your Fish * Pond Net Covers Provide Protection From Falling Debris * 1/4 Mesh Netting Allows For Maximum Visibility Nycon Big Top pond protectors keep even the smallest debris from entering your pond. With this premium polyester pond netting the 1/4 durable black…
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    $74.99 - 389.99