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Fall Net

  • Nycon Big Top Pond Covers


    (1 Reviews)

    …To Your Fish * Pond Net Covers Provide Protection From Falling Debris * 1/4 Mesh Netting Allows For Maximum Visibility Nycon Big Top pond protectors keep even the smallest debris from entering your pond. With this premium polyester pond netting the 1/4 durable black mesh netting provides protection…
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    $74.99 - 389.99
  • Atlantic Pond & Garden Protector Net Kits


    (74 Reviews)

    …From Eating Your Fish * Protect Pond From Falling Debris * 1/2 Mesh Netting Allows For Maximum Visibility Atlantic Pond & Water Garden Protector Net keeps leaves and other windblown debris out of your pond or water garden. This pond and water garden net cover makes an ideal instant line of defense…
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    $88.99 - 101.99
  • …* Wheatgerm Fish Food Step 1 - Prepare for Shutdown Once all of the leaves have fallen begin your Fall pond maintenance and remove any pond netting and shut down your pond for winter. Pond Netting should be stored indoors to keep it safe from wear and tear due to heavy snowfall and ice. Next access…
  • Atlantic Pond Protector Net Kit - Replacement Nets


    (1 Reviews)

    …other debris falling into your pond this season with this replacement net for Atlantic Pond & Garden Protector Net Kits. Each net has a 1/2 mesh opening. Net sizes available: Net size: 15' L x 20' W for the 7' x 9' Net Kits and 20' L x 20' W for the 9' x 12' Net Kits. Need a larger net? We also…
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    $33.99 - 59.99
  • Pond netting has many different applications. From preventing falling leaves or deterring predators pond netting has you covered to keep things out. Pond cover netting can be added as the season changes or used year-round. Make sure you clean leaves and debris off the netting often - a leaf blower…
  • Blue Thumb 20-Inch Crystal Falls Waterfall & Skimmer Mat

    …Crystal Falls Waterfall Box. It can also be used as a mechanical filter mat in the Crystal Falls Skimmer Box. The single pad measures 16L x 13W x 1.25H. Position the filter mat horizontally in the bottom of the Crystal Falls Waterfall Box or slides the filter mat horizontally behind the debris net
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  • The Pond Guy PondShelter Replacement Stake

    Keep your pond netting secure and leaves out of your pond this fall with this 6½ long single replacement ground stake. Replacement part for The Pond Guy PondShelter.
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  • …problem. While the carbon is working remove floating and decaying material with the a net or use the ClearVac Pond Vacuum. Keep your pond clean by skimming it regularly and covering it with pond netting during the fall months. Clear Water with Sediment Does your jar have clear water with a layer of…
    …Simply pull the PondSkim through the water and clear 5' at a time. The 1/4 mesh netting hangs 18 from the float to catch suspended debris. When you pull it up out of the water it will form a scoop so no debris falls back into the water. Scissors & Pliers Trim and remove plants with ease. Use…
    …Started Here are some items to get you started: To Keep You Dry: * Waders * Aqua Gloves If you have fish: * Holding tank or kiddie pool * Fish Net * Pond Netting * Aeration Kit For Draining & Cleaning: * Submersible pump and drain hose * Power Washer * ClearVac Pond Vacuum * Oxy-Lift Defense *…
  • Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit 6' x 8'

    …Weir Door Removeable Leaf & Debris Net The Aquascape Signature Series 200 Pond Skimmer is equipped with an adjustable 6W weir door for ideal water flow. As the water funnels into the skimmer surface debris is collected into a removable leaf and debris net before it sinks to the bottom of the…
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  • …fish get that life-sustaining oxygen they will need. * Remove debris from the pond. In the fall before ice forms give your pond or water feature a good cleaning. Remove debris trim dead leaves off plants net floating leaves and remove as much detritus as possible so very little will be decomposing -…
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