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  • The Pond Guy LiquidClear Bacterial Pond Cleaner


    (56 Reviews)

    …activates as it hits the water. The bacteria multiply every 20-40 minutes as they digest the dead organics in the pond making the water crystal clear. For best results Liquid Clear treatments should begin in the spring when the water temperatures hit 50°F or when the fish begin to feed.
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    $8.99 - 49.99
  • Hikari Oranda Gold Fish Food


    (1 Reviews)

    …growth while enhancing the coloration of goldfish kept indoors where adequate UV rays are not available to help them formulate colors. Regular feeding ensures a desirable body structure and excellent appearance. Made with stabilized Vitamin C Hikari Oranda Gold goldfish pellets are great for Oranda…
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  • …time to time. Some things to feed your pond fish are oatmeal or oat-based cereal or share some veggies such as carrots pumpkin or frozen peas. These snacks will be gentle on their system and give them some extra nutrients. Food for Thought Though you can resume feeding your fish their wheat germ…
  • Hikari Staple Fish Food


    (13 Reviews)

    …Nutritional Formula * Perfect For Everyday Feeding * Promotes Resistance To Disease A high quality basic daily diet made from premium ingredients offering superior growth and health improving characteristics. Hikari Staple is a lab formulated daily diet for feeding Koi and other pond fish in warmer…
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    $8.49 - 104.99
  • Hard Nosed No Trespassing Live Feed Camera Sign

    …Inks Designed for Outdoor Longevity * 12Wx 15L & 5X Thicker Than Avgerage Road Sign * Visible in All Conditions The Hard Nosed No Trespassing Live Feed Camera Sign uses color combinations proven to be the most visible in all conditions to keep any threat off your property for years to come. Designed…
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  • …actively feed them? Algae weeds insects leeches and worms are great naturally occurring lake and pond fish food. However fish also need supplemental nourishment particularly if you're growing them for sport. Keep reading to learn more about what when and how much to feed your fish.What to Feed Pond…
  • Hikari WheatGerm Fish Food


    (4 Reviews)

    * Easily Digested Daily Diet * Promotes Waste Reduction * Excellent for Feeding Autumn & Spring A highly nutritious easily assimilated highly digestible daily diet for koi and other pond fish including goldfish. Developed through many years of breeding experience this highly nutritious WheatGerm…
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    $10.79 - 177.99
  • CrystalClear Thrive


    (34 Reviews)

    …nutrients to keep your aquatic plants growing vigorous and beautiful all season long. Each easy to use tablet is filled with essential nutrients that feed potted aquatic plants. Simply use one to two tablet for every gallon of soil every two to four weeks when water temperatures are above 75°F.
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    $6.39 - 29.99
  • Heron Stop Reflector


    (5 Reviews)

    …Distance * Provides Constant Reflection * Features Bird Of Prey Eyes The growing heron population is a problem for pond lovers. Fish are the main feed of blue herons. The Heron Stop Reflector can bring relief to your fish. Featuring the holographic bird of prey eye and the 6 silver-colored floating…
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  • …packed with easily digestible plant matter and lower protein level. Feed when water temperatures are between 40-50°F to transition them in and out of cold weather. When water temperatures are over 50°F you can begin feeding your regular summer food. * Promote Size and Color: Growth &…
  • CrystalClear Staple Fish Food


    (5 Reviews)

    * Balanced Nutritional Formula * Perfect for Everyday Feeding * Great for Summer Months CrystalClear Staple floating fish food is perfect for everyday feeding during the warmer months of the year. Designed with a balanced blend of vitamins minerals and amino acids are perfect for all species of…
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    $13.99 - 123.99
  • Nite Guard Solar


    (19 Reviews)

    …At Dusk Protect your pond and decorative fish from nighttime predators with the Nite Guard Solar® predator deterrent. Animals that hunt and feed at night interpret the flashing red LED light on the Nite Guard Solar animal repeller to be the eye of another predator which causes unease and…
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