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Feeding Ring

  • Pond King Honey Hole Trees


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    …hunting ground for feeding. Made of environmentally friendly polyethylene the fish attractor will provide up to 15000 square inches of surface area for algae and eggs to attach. Place in groups of 2 or 3 in water 6 - 15 feet deep. Each Tree includes a powder coated steel ring for weight. Assembles…
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    $269.00 - 2089.00
  • …you heard of Hanako? He's the fabled koi who lived for 226 years after being supposedly passed down through the generations and was aged by counting rings on his scales. To set the record straight Hanako has been proven to be an urban myth. Koi typically live 25 to 35 years in a well-maintained fish…
    …fishing enthusiast you probably know that there are few things better than fishing your own stocked pond. You'd be able to set up habitats for them feed them and monitor their behavior. Rather than getting up before dawn and driving to a favorite fishing hole you can pull on your waders and head out…
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