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Feeding Tool

  • Pond Bubble Feeding Tool

    * Fish Feeding Tool * Pond−Bubble Must−Have * Over Four Foot Handle Get your fish interested in the Floating Pond Bubble (Sold Separately) with the Pond Bubble Feeding Tool. Simply place their their favorite food directly under the Floating Pond Bubble without having to lift the bubble…
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  • Floating Pond Bubble


    ( reviews)

    …Pond Bubble is a great addition, adding a unique experience to any koi pond. Train Your Fish: Get your fish interested in this new toy by putting their favorite food into the bubble from the Pond Bubble Feeding Tool. After a while, your koi or goldfish will include the bubble in their daily routine.
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    $149.99 - 199.99
  • Jenlis Weed Raker™ Pond & Lake Rake


    (22 reviews)

    …assistance when you also have dead decaying matter at the bottom of your pond, as this matter can feed the growth of more aquatic vegetation and nutrient rich muck. Mix & Match! Save 10% on weed removal tools when you purchase 2 or more! Includes: The Pond Guy® Weed Cutter, The Pond Guy®…
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  • Pond King® Honey Hole® Trees


    (1 reviews)

    …feet or deeper. Honey Hole® Trees encourage growth rates of predator fish such as bass and crappie by providing an ideal hunting ground for feeding. Made of environmentally friendly polyethylene, the fish attractor will provide up to 15,000 square inches of surface area for algae and eggs to…
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    $194.99 - 1889.99