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Female Reducer

    …equipment or creating a quick disconnect in your tubing. * Reducers: These fittings will allow you to change between sizes of tubing or fittings. For example if you are connecting a 2 PVC tubing to a 1 male thread you will want to use the Reducer Bushing (Slip x FPT) in the 2 – 1 size. You…
    …summer between May and June.How Do Koi Fish Mate? When koi prepare to spawn the males begin chasing after the females nudging their sides with their mouth and fins. This encourages the female koi to lay her eggs. Once eggs have been laid the male koi will fertilize them and the future koi will begin…
    …hole is near the top above the natural water level so you don't drain your pond too low. Attach a leak-proof bulkhead to the hole which provides a female thread on both sides of the seal. Connect a male adapter that will allow you to seamlessly connect whatever length of heavy-duty kink-free tubing…
    …And while it's not practical to dry up every rain puddle around your home cleaning up and treating areas where water pools in your yard can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes you deal with. Keep reading to learn more about how mosquitoes multiply and more importantly how to kill mosquito larvae…
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