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Fish Crappie

  • Pond King Honey Hole Trees


    (4 Reviews)

    …suspended from the bottom. This fish attractor imitates a natural 6' x 7' area of cover that can be used in ponds and lakes with little natural habitat that are six feet or deeper. Honey Hole Trees encourage growth rates of predator fish such as bass and crappie by providing an ideal hunting ground…
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    $269.00 - 2089.00
  • Hydro Glow Underwater LED Fishing Lights


    (2 Reviews)

    …ice fishing or shallow water fishing off kayaks and small boats. Great for targeting speckled trout red crappie and shrimping. If you are looking for something more versatile the 20-watt 2-foot long light is for targeting both freshwater and saltwater fish. For deep-ocean or deep lake fishing use…
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    $76.00 - 180.50
  • Pond King Honey Hole Canopy


    (1 Reviews)

    …Bass or Crappie Fishing Holes Pond King Honey Hole Canopy is perfect for anglers looking to improve their favorite deep-water fishing spot. The Honey Hole Canopy is an affordable vertically dynamic artificial habitat that provides coverage 12 ft. in diameter for bass crappie and other fish that…
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  • Pond King Honey Hole Spawning Discs

    * Increase Fish Hatching by 300−400% * Increase Pre-hatch Survivorship * Will Not Rot Overtime Environmentally Friendly Honey Hole Spawning Discs provide a stable solid surface for fish to deposit their eggs on the top (bluegill bass and crappie eggs) and underside (fatheads and threadfin…
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    $105.00 - 525.00
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