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Fish Day

    …ice - up to 12 to 15 inches depending on your plans for the rink. * 3 inches or less: Not safe so stay off the ice. * 4 inches: Suitable for ice fishing cross-country skiing and walking (about 200 pounds). * 5 inches: Safe for a snowmobile or ATV (about 800 pounds). * 8 to 12 inches: OK for a car or…
    …summer months. * Vacation: Make sure your fish get fed while you are away. TetraPond Vacation Food will continually release fish meal and shrimp algae from a gel-based block over a 7 day period. Play with their Food Did you know that you can train your fish? Fish naturally are wary of large shadows…
    …hot summer days are important but when adding new water back into the pond be sure to add Stress Reducer Plus to remove any contaminates in the water. TIP: Water Test Kits are an easy way to determine if your pond is balanced so test often to keep fish safe. Pay Attention Give your fish a boost with…
    …two to three times per day. This should equate to roughly the amount of food fish will eat in a ten minute period.When to Feed Pond Fish Water temperature will have an effect on how much your fish will eat. As the water temperatures start dropping in the fall fish will eat less and will eventually…
    …can be implemented when fishing your pond. If the water is turbid or it is an overcast day using bright colored lures or lures that rattle can attract fish that might otherwise dismiss your hook. Bait manufactures that have also taken into account the fact that your game fish can smell and taste are…
    …during the day but at night those plants take in oxygen which means your fish may be gasping for air. If you have quite a few plants and your waterfall is off--and you experience an algae bloom--you should definitely think about adding some aeration. Do You Have Many Fish? The more fish in your pond…
  • CrystalClear KnockOut Plus


    (27 Reviews)

    …Infections & Parasites * 7 Day Treatment * Prevents Future Infections CrystalClear KnockOut Plus fish infection treatment is formulated to treat ich (ick) parasites protozoa and fungi for most pond fish species. Warning signs that ich (ick) may be present in your pond include fish with white spots…
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  • Aquascape Protect Water Treatment 32 fl oz Refill for Automatic Dosing System for Ponds


    (1 Reviews)

    * Protects Fish Against Stress * Use During Seasonal Changes or Cleanouts * For Automatic Dosing System (sold separately) Protect for Ponds Water Treatments treats approximately 2500 gallons for 30 days to significantly reduce fish stress and protect pond fish against parasites and infections. Made…
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  • API MelaFix Antibacterial Remedy


    (9 Reviews)

    …first four days of antibacterial fish treatment. Disease-causing organisms are present in all ponds. Any time a physical abrasion damages fish tissue bacterial and fungal pathogens seize the opportunity to infect the fish. Shipping netting and poor water quality also weaken the fish's immune system…
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    $16.99 - 55.79
  • Aquascape Clean Water Treatment 32 fl oz Refill for Automatic Dosing System for Fountains

    * Cleans Existing Growth and Debris in Fountains * Treats Pondless Water Features without Fish * Treats Approx. 500 Gallons for 166 Days * For Automatic Dosing System (sold separately) Aquascape Clean for Fountains is specially formulated to clean fountains pondless waterfalls and other water…
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  • …if your pond is in direct sunlight most of the day. Fish – Add color and excitement. It is critical that your filtration system is the proper size to handle your fish population. Fish naturally multiply and grow. The more fish the more waste so fish loads must be controlled. General rule? With…
  • Airmax MuckAway TL


    (16 Reviews)

    …to treat the entire pond or lake bottom. MuckAway TL controlled release tablets work up to 30 days to rapidly digest organic waste muck leaves fish waste and odors. A clean pond bottom also helps fish grow larger and taste better. MuckAway TL is easy to apply. Just fill the measuring cup with the…
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