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Fish Grower

  • The Pond Guy Game Fish Grower Fish Food


    (60 Reviews)

    …Rapid Fish Growth * These Pond Fish Food Pellets Provide Increased Resistance To Disease * This Fish Food for Ponds is Suitable For All Warm-Water Game Fish The Pond Guy Game Fish Grower Fish Food is an extremely nutritious and highly digestible balanced fish food. The Pond Guy Game Fish Grower
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  • Medium to Large Growers Choice Water Lily


    (No Reviews)

    …Hummingbirds & Bees * Exceptional Filtration & Protection * 5 to 6 Inch Beautiful Blooms Enjoy hand selected hardy water lilies from the grower for the perfect medium to large water lily. Enjoy magnificent blooms up to 6 wide and plant spread up to 12' from later spring into early fall.…
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  • …food like Game Fish Grower Fish Food. Designed to promote optimal growth of game fish like bass bluegill trout and perch the large pellets are high in protein which helps to promote a strong healthy fish population for more satisfying game fishing. Having walked our way through fish that do school…
    …properly stock your fish please read: How To Stock a Pond. Creating habitats in the pond will allow places for the smaller prey fish and minnows to reproduce and naturally keep up the food supply. If fishing is important and you want quick growth The Pond Guy Game Fish Grower has high amounts of…
    …pond we recommend adding Airmax EcoBoost. It adds more than 80 trace minerals to the water promoting the fishes' health and speeding their growth. We also suggest feeding Game Fish Grower Fish Food to ensure your catfish have enough food and to increase their overall size. Ideal Environment Channel…
  • Jumbo Water Lettuce Bundle of 3


    (2 Reviews)

    …Shades & Protects Fish * Grows up to 12 * Increases Natural Filtration Jumbo Water Lettuce floating plants are much larger than the regular water lettuce. This pale green plant is a fast grower reaching up to 12 in diameter to provide both protection and shade for fish. Making it a great choice…
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  • Red Ludwigia Bundle of 5


    (7 Reviews)

    …Spots for Small Fish * Promotes Natural Filtration Red Ludwigia is a submerged oxygenating plant with red-green leaves that at times can protrude from the water. The more light Red Ludwigia has the darker the red will be on the under side of its leaves. Red Ludwigia is a very fast grower and you can…
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  • Jumbo Water Hyacinth Bundle of 3


    (17 Reviews)

    …flowers Jumbo Water Hyacinth grow much larger than the regular Water Hyacinth. These prolific growers compete with algae for excess pond nutrients and create a terrific spawning area for the pond fish. Blooms throughout the summer and into the fall and the long feathery roots easily adds natural…
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