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Fish Habit

  • Hydro Glow Underwater Anchored Dock Lights SF Model

    …Series underwater fishing lights utilize high output LEDs designed to enhance aesthetics or to enhance fishing. These underwater lights are designed to be anchored to the pond's bottom while the light fixture shines upward. This design is perfect for showcasing the fish habitants below the water's…
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    $351.50 - 474.95
  • As the seasons change so do your fish's feeding habits. Koi goldfish and other species are cold blooded and take cues from the water temperature. At pond temperatures of 50F and above your fish will be active and ready for their summer diet. When temperatures are lower your finned friends will slow…
    …away from any disturbance – but because they can have fierce dispositions it is a good idea to get to know these shelled reptiles and their habits a little better. Identify Snapping turtles have a look all their own. Resembling a prehistoric dinosaur snapping turtles have a large muscular…
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