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Fish Pond Waterfall

  • The Pond Guy AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit


    (1 Reviews)

    …stream or waterfall. The AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit is right for you if: • You prefer a gentle sound of water and are not planning a large waterfall or stream. • You plan on having a larger than normal fish population in relationship to your pond's size. • Your pond will receive…
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    $639.99 - 1229.99
  • Aquascape DIY Backyard Waterfall Kit

    …includes a 22 wide pond waterfall spillway that is positioned at the starting point of the 3' long disappearing waterfalls. This kit is the perfect DIY solution for enhancing the look of small spaces without having a traditional pond or water garden. Kit includes: Waterfall Spillway • Starting…
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  • Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting Pondless Waterfall Add-On Kit

    …Pondless Waterfall Add-On Kit creates the ideal starting point of any waterfall or stream. An adjustable-flow submersible pump recirculates water from an existing rainwater storage reservoir. The water flows through a 22 spillway and disappears gracefully over the 45 mil EPDM fish safe pond liner…
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  • …uses the fish- and plant-safe power of hydrogen peroxide to lift debris from pond liners rocks gravel and waterfalls - which means little or no work from you! * Add some elbow grease. For tough stuck-on debris you may need to lightly scrub the waterfall's surfaces to help loosen it. A pond brush…
    …in your pond to boost oxygen levels to improve the health of the fish. Traditional waterfalls are a great start but may not be enough for the size of your pond. Consider placing an aeration kit at the opposite end of a waterfall. Quarantine Newbies Before adding new fish into the pond quarantine…
    …Seen in ponds without a sufficient aeration kit chemical overdose or overcrowding. Ponds with low levels of oxygen may cause fish to gasp for air at the surface often or hang out by the waterfall. To prevent this from happening add a bottom diffused aeration kit to circulate the entire pond. * Pop…
    …out near a waterfall! For humans the water pouring into the pond cools and hydrates the air; for fish that action acts as a giant aeration system infusing oxygen into the water beneath the waterfall. But that raises a valid question: If your fish spend a lot of time near the waterfall does it mean…
  • Pond Installation Kit


    (No Reviews)

    …Installation * Great To Keep On Hand The Pond Installation Kit is great to have on hand when installing ponds waterfalls and streams. It also contains all the necessities for existing ponds in case emergencies arise. The kit contains: Fish Safe Silicone Waterfall Foam Liner Patch PVC Cleaner &…
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  • The Pond Guy 3-In-1 Interchangeable Pond Tool


    (68 Reviews)

    …Catch Fish * Scrub Algae From Rocks The Pond Guy 3-In-1 Interchangeable Pond Cleaning Tool is a must have for water garden and pond maintenance! There's hardly a maintenance challenge this pond tool can't handle! Catch fish remove leaves debris and string algae and clean your waterfall and pond edge…
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  • ponds 700-2000 gallons. The AllClear Ecosystem Pond Kit is designed with maximum filtration in mind. This kit includes an AllClear Pressurized Filter and ClearSpring Mini Waterfall Filter that provide mechanical biological and UV filtration. If your pond will be in full sun or have a larger fish
  • Aquascape Pond Powerhead Pump

    …stunning operating large waterfall displays can cost $100 or more a month to run 24/7. Consider turning off large waterfall displays at night to save on energy costs. Turning your waterfall off however does affect circulation. By adding energy-efficient pond pumps such as the Pond Powerhead you can…
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  • Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kits

    …Lighted Waterfall * Includes All Media & Substrate Needed The AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit by Aquascape is a complete water garden kit that includes a pond light and waterfall. Make a big impact in any small indoor or outdoor space with this all-in-one aquatic water garden container. The Mini Pond
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