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Fish Population Ratio

    ratio as they are more likely to stick to themselves at the bottom of the pond. When you have properly stocked your pond your fish population will tend to keep itself in check. When you first stock your pond we recommend adding some fathead minnows to feed the predator fish while the prey fish
    fish and taste appealing so the fish hangs on to the lure longer instead of spitting it out. Food Shortage Over population stemming from an unbalanced predator to prey ratio can have an adverse effect on fish size and their wellness. An overpopulation of prey fish in your pond may lead to fish
    …and the population count is kept in check - but you still have a good number of tasty fish growing in your pond. Stocking Up Whenever stocking any type of bluegill in a pond with other game fish keeping the population in check is key. To do this you must have the correct ratio of predator fish such…
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