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Fish Safe Algaecide

  • CrystalClear PondShock


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    …times of change such as spring start-up after using an algaecide after a storm after a fish spawn or when new fish have been added. PondShock also helps jump-start your biological filters in the spring to reduce ammonia spikes when new fish are added to the pond. A great alternative to chemicals…
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  • …after an algaecide treatment or on hot summer days are important but when adding new water back into the pond be sure to add Stress Reducer Plus to remove any contaminates in the water. TIP: Water Test Kits are an easy way to determine if your pond is balanced so test often to keep fish safe. Pay…
    …the ecosystem but also to your fish your livestock and wildlife your soil and most importantly to yourself your family and your neighbors. Herbicides that have been approved by the EPA include specific restrictions and precautions on their labels about consuming fish after treating bodies of water.…
    …your fish safe in two ways. First predators that fly above or lurk alongside the pond will not be able to see them as easily giving the fish time to flee to safety. Second as temperatures rise dissolved oxygen levels in the pond are reduced. Using pond dye will keep the water cooler and allow fish
  • Carbonate Hardness Test Strip - Single Test


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    …certain algaecides and herbicides in your pond is recommended. A Water Hardness greater than 50ppm helps fish that are sensitive to chemical treatments. Harder water assists your pond in controlling varying pH levels and will prevent heavy metal impurities from killing your fish. In addition…
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  • …make it easier to catch your fish with the least amount of stress for all involved. The Gear To prepare your fish's winter home you'll need some special supplies including: * Stock Tank or Holding Tank: The Container you choose to hold your fish should be made of fish safe materials and be cleaned…
    …method of pond care was to wait for a problem like an algae bloom or weed growth and then REACT to it with a chemical application. Although algaecides and herbicides work great to control weed and algae growth REACTIVE pond care provides only an effective short-term solution and does not address…
    …stay in the warmer water at the bottom rather than coming up to the frigid surface. As with fish and plants snails cannot survive if the pond freezes solid; usually a depth of 20-30 will provide a safe haven. Hide and Seek Sometimes your snails will seem to disappear – especially in the spring…

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