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Fish Tree

  • MossBack Fish Habitat™Reef Kits

    …of fish both a vertical sanctuary and feeding cover that has all of the aspects of a mini fish city in one product. The artificial fish attractor is the ideal mix of dense and more open-space habitat. Using a Safe Haven as the centerpiece to draw in baitfish the four surrounding Trophy Trees that…
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    $599.99 - 779.99
  • MossBack Fish Habitat™Dock Pro Kits

    …Trophy Trees that are suspended beneath the structure of a dock using the included cable kits. The condensed limb pattern of the Safe Haven attracts bait fish to hide in a safe zone while the more open Trophy Tree structure gives the sport fish the ability to quickly find food. This allows your fish
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    $337.99 - 469.99
  • MossBack Fish Habitat™Trophy Trees

    * Deep Water Habitat Provides Hunting Grounds for Larger Fish * Create Your Own Trophy Worthy Fishing Spot * Encourage Larger Gamefish Growth MossBack Fish Habitat Trophy Trees lets you create ideal fishing conditions in any pond or lake! The scuffed trunk and flexible limbs are designed to resemble…
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    $89.99 - 119.99
  • MossBack Fish Habitat™ Concrete Block Adapter

    ( reviews)

    …to anchor and suspended individual MossBack artificial fish habitats upright anywhere in your pond or lake. The Concrete Block Adapter ease of use allows for quick assembly and deployment of your MossBack Root Wad Safe Havens or Trophy Trees. This accessory securely attaches a full size single or…
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  • MossBack Fish Habitat™Trophy Tree Kits

    ( reviews)

    …for Trophy Fish on Hot Days * Three Trophy Trees In One Cluster Make your favorite fishing spot even more attractive to sport fish like bass and crappie with the MossBack Trophy Tree Kits. Each kit uses a triangular base as an anchor to connect 3 individual Trophy Trees or Trophy Trees XL into a…
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    $327.99 - 414.99
  • MossBack Fish Habitat™ Deep Water Bundles

    …increase survival of bait fish while giving larger fish plenty of space to ambush prey. Basic Bundle includes 1 Safe Haven; 3 Trophy Tree XLs 4 Concrete Block Adapters to create vertical safe zones to congregate smaller fish that will in turn attract larger sport fish. The Essential Bundle includes…
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    $659.99 - 1669.99
  • Pond King® Honey Hole® Trees


    (2 reviews)

    * Attract Game Fish & Increase Spawning * Can Be Suspended From The Bottom * Includes 93 Flexible Snag Free Limbs The Honey Hole Tree is the only artificial fish habitat on the market that can be suspended from the bottom. This fish attractor imitates a natural 6' x 7' area of cover that can be…
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    $239.00 - 1899.00
  • MossBack Fish Habitat™Shallow Water Bundles

    …3 Trophy Trees 2 Trophy Tree XLs 4 Concrete Block Adapters and hardware to create both horizontal and vertical habitats to protect smaller fish while giving those sport fish plenty of space to ambush prey. The Ultimate Bundle includes 1 Safe Haven Kit; 3 Trophy Tree Kits 2 Trophy Tree XLs and…
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    $489.99 - 1529.99
  • …Typically a good fish habitat for ponds will have 9 trees and 12 shrubs per acre. However this may vary depending on the age of the pond and the type of fish.Types of Artificial Fish Habitat When designing an artificial fish habitat there are a few types of fish structures and fish attractors to be…
    …Cover Net; or reflective tape hanging from trees. Having 40-60% surface coverage of aquatic plants such as water lilies water hyacinth or water lettuce will give your fish a place to shelter themselves from predators.Under the Weather Stressed or sick fish will also hide. If they're not feeling well…
    …a Porcupine® Fish Attractor or Fish Attractor Trees can improve upon what is already there by creating a habitat that won't decompose. Attractors and trees are also great places for fishing as fish naturally congregate and spawn in these areas and they will not snag fishing line. Learn more…
  • Bird-X Prowler Owl

    ( reviews)

    …plastic struts. With realistic markings and wings that move in the wind you can repel pigeions seagulls crows and other pest birds and rodents anywhere the decoy can be seen up to 6000 sq. ft.! Install anywhere you can plant a stake or hang from a tree. (stake or fishing line is not included).
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