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Fish Waste Removal

  • CrystalClear MuckOff


    (43 Reviews)

    …* Breaks Down Fish Waste & Dead Algae * Removes Bottom Sludge CrystalClear MuckOff is natural bacteria and enzyme tablets that sink to the bottom of the pond and instantly begin to work to digest muck caused by dead algae fish waste leaves and twigs. Formulated to not only remove muck MuckOff also…
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    $16.99 - 139.99
  • …feel that slimy goo squish between your toes. Fortunately you can follow a few simple steps for pond and lake muck removal. Pond muck also known as pond sludge is made up of fish waste decaying plants and other organic materials that accumulate at the bottom of your pond. Over time pond muck can…
    …sick fish is no fun and it can be heartbreaking if the fish is unable to recover even after treatment. Here we will discuss the best ways to prevent the fish from becoming ill in the first place. Be Proactive The first line of defense is keeping pond water clean and clear of debris fish waste and…
  • CrystalClear Foam-B-Gone


    (5 Reviews)

    …Clears Pond Water * Removes Foam in Seconds * For Use in Ponds Fountains and Statuaries Protein foam that often builds up in ponds should be removed quickly before causing harm to aquatic life. Foam build up can be the result of high nutrient levels from dead debris fish waste or inadequate…
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    $8.99 - 59.99
  • Aquascape Large 21' x 26' Pond Kit w/ SLD Pump

    …through the filter media evenly optimizing filtration. The biological filter mat allows beneficial bacteria to colonize and remove waste suck as ammonia nitrogen and fish waste from the water. Sitting on top of the filter media is a plant and rock tray that can be filled with aquatic plants stones…
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  • Over the course of a year your pond will accumulate debris and organics such as leaves twigs grass clippings and fish waste. Although your filtration system may remove some of this debris the rest will break down into muck and sludge which will release nutrients into the water and may cause algae…
    …its primary focus is to provide surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. The bacteria colonize within the media fibers removing ammonia and nitrites caused by fish waste and debris. Note: Standard Density filter pads are constructed with an open weave design allowing for higher water flow rates…
    …aeration aquatic plants fish and beneficial bacteria. Filtration – Keeps water clean and safe. There are two types of filtration: mechanical and biological. Mechanical filtration involves the removal of visible solids like leaves floating debris and fish waste. Mechanical filtration is…
  • Airmax MuckAway TL


    (16 Reviews)

    …entire pond or lake bottom. MuckAway TL controlled release tablets work up to 30 days to rapidly digest organic waste muck leaves fish waste and odors. A clean pond bottom also helps fish grow larger and taste better. MuckAway TL is easy to apply. Just fill the measuring cup with the suggested rate…
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  • Airmax MuckAway


    (287 Reviews)

    * Removes Up To 2 of Pond Muck Per Month * Spot Treat Your Shoreline * Digest Accumulated Organic Debris * Improves Water & Habitat for Fish & Wildlife Have you ever waded into your pond or lake and your feet instantly sink into the slimy ooze? It can be a little alarming. Thankfully Airmax MuckAway…
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    $89.99 - 349.99
  • Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Filter - 3-Inch Side Mount Valve

    …to remove ammonia and waste from your pond in one compact package. Ideal for large ponds 30000 to 60000 gallons with heavy fish loads and low-amp high volume direct drive or self-priming pumps. High flow rates circulate the pond providing optimal turnover to keep the water clear and your fish happy.…
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    $4499.60 - 6225.80
  • API Pond Ecofix Sludge Destroyer


    (2 Reviews)

    …designed to maintain clean clear water and a hardy active fish population. The super-concentrated blend of sludge destroying bacteria work to increase oxygen levels in the pond as it breaks down the build-up of organic matter such as fish waste dead algae and decomposing leaves or grass clippings.…
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    $15.99 - 72.79
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