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Float Cage

  • Power House Float Cage


    (2 Reviews)

    …pondweeds and wildlife out so you can keep your pond oxygenated. Small Compact Float Cage fits 10-inch shrouds and will fit the following Power House Units: - Power House Surface Aerator Model F250. Large Float Cage fits 12-inch shrouds and will fit the following Power House Units: - Power House…
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    $125.00 - 130.00
  • Pond King Floating Turtle Trap


    (12 Reviews)

    * Protects Bluegill & Bass Spawning Beds * Holds Up To 50 Small Adult Turtles * 1 Trap For Every 4−5 Acres The Pond King Floating Turtle Trap deal for relocating turtles from an overpopulated pond or lake. Works on a variety of sun bathing turtles including the red eared slider that may…
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  • Power House 1 HP Aerating Fountain (F1000F)

    …motor unit UV resistant float (2) 25' long 3/8 thick hollow braided nylon ropes and SJTOW rated 3 wire power cord in lengths of 50' to 350'. GFI required for installation. Want to protect your fountain from debris and enhance the beauty at night? Optional float cage and 18 Watt LED Lighting…
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    $1507.50 - 2300.00
  • Power House 1/2 HP Aerating Fountain (F500F)


    (2 Reviews)

    …power cord in lengths ranging from 50 - 350 feet. GFI required for installation. The beauty can be enhanced at night with optional LED light kits (sold separately). 2-Year warranty on fountain and lights. For ponds with excess floating debris or algae an optional large float cage is recommended.
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    $1327.50 - 2020.00
  • …them find a new home by using live traps. Turtle traps can be baited with fish or meat and place in shallow areas of the pond with the top of the cage exposed while muskrat traps can be baited with apples near their tunnels. Once you have them under lock and key take them on a long trip and relocate…
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