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Float Fill

  • TetraPond In-Pond Skimmer


    (9 Reviews)

    …cleaning. Floating Weir Door The floating weir door automatically adjusts to the water level for maximum surface cleaning. The weir opening draws in the water to remove debris from the surface of the water before it sinks. Four Corner Pockets Inside there are four corner pockets that can be filled
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  • Hudson Auto Fill Valve 1/2-Inch Repair Kit

    If your Hudson Valves are failing don't replace it just repair it with the 4-piece Hudson Auto Fill Valve 1/2 Repair Kit (HAFRK). The kit includes: P03-S: Retainer Ring; P05-S: Complete Control Chamber Diaphragm; P07-S: Complete Float(includes P08 Shut-off Pad); & P09-S: Screen. Note: Valve is not…
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  • Power House Replacement Float

    …Piece Float Cell Foam Filling * Black UV Resistant Plastic Power House Replacement Float is a two-piece float with closed-cell foam filling surrounded by black UV resistant high-density thermoplastic. Select from round or square floats for your existing Power House unit. The Round Float is a…
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    $240.00 - 350.00
  • Airmax EasySet Weighted Airline


    (33 Reviews)

    …* Will Not Float When Air Filled * Flexible For Easy Installation Extend your aeration system's reach with Airmax EasySet Weighted Airline. Designed for underwater applications Airmax EasySet Weighted Airline rests on the bottom of your pond and is guaranteed not float even when filled with air.…
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    $39.99 - 139.99
  • …gardens and avoid using bagged potting mix or other lightweight soils as they will float and cloud the water. * Lilies and Lotuses: Best grown in pots such as the Water Lily & Water Lotus Planting Kits. Fill your tub with clay and a clay/soil mix with Aquatic Planting Media on top. Position…
    …water per day (give or take). Features with a long stream bed with a lot of surface area or few floating plants are more susceptible to water loss than others. If you suspect that it might be evaporation fill your pond back up and keep an eye on the water level. Step 2: Search for a Wet Spot If you…
    …for collecting smaller debris. The PondSkim Debris Skimmer is a great tool to collect floating debris like algae duckweed leaves or dead vegetation. A ¼ inch mesh net hangs down from a 5-foot wide float to clear a large section of the pond in one swipe. The included 24-foot rope can also be…
    …or murky water doing the Jar Test will you to determine what is causing the clarity issue. It's Simple Take a clear glass jar dunk it in your pond fill it up with pond water and let it sit in your garage (or darker space) for 24 hours. Overnight the jar becomes a miniature version of your pond. The…
    …This kit features a two part filtration system. The first part is a mechanical skimmer that will house and conceal your pump while removing floating debris from the pond's surface. Water then gets pushed to a biological waterfall filter at the start of a magnificent waterfall or stream. Atlantic…
    …As it does so the liquid molecules transform into solid ice crystals--and those expand and space themselves out as they form which is why ice floats and why it takes up more room than liquid. When given enough time to form the ice layer created by this crystallized frozen water thickens to the…
  • Aquascape AquaGarden Mini Pond Kits

    …balcony bedroom or any location. Set up is quick and easy simply choose your desired location add the include filter media and decorative gravel fill it with water and enjoy. (Small fish and plants can be added to complete your look but are sold separately). Water Garden Container • Durable…
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  • …de-icer to where it needs to be. * K&H Perfect Climate Pond De-Icer – The Perfect Climate Pond De-Icers have a removable float to allow them to be used as floating or submersed making them unique from the other de-icers we offer. This de-icer has a 12' power cord and is available in three…
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