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Floating Heads

  • Replacement Swan Decoy Heads

    Active and resting replacement swan heads are available for the Floating Swan Decoys . To replace simply twist off the existing head and place the replacement into the body and twist to lock in place.
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  • The Pond Guy® AquaStream™ LED Light Brass Hex Head Cap Screw

    Replacement part for The Pond Guy® LED Fountain Light Kits. The Brass Hex Head Cap Screw or bolt measures ¼ - 20 x 1¼ and is used to attach the AquaStream™ Fountain Light Band Clamp to the Fountain Float LED Light Clamp.
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  • Jenlis Collapsible Razer Rake


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    …required to clear your pond or lake. The rake head also accommodates a float to collect surface debris and algae. Jenlis Collapsible Razer Rake is designed to remove: • Weed roots to prevent re-growth of submerged weeds and roots • Debris floating on the surface of the water • Shorter…
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  • Hikari® Oranda Gold Fish Food


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    * Color Enhancing Goldfish Daily Diet * Excellent For Long Term Health * 1/8 Diameter Floating Small Pellets Hikari Oranda Gold Fish Food was developed specifically to promote prominent head growth while enhancing the coloration of goldfish kept indoors where adequate UV rays are not available to…
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  • …hose head out to the rink site and get to work: * Step 1: Stake out your skating area  A 50-foot by 100-foot rink is plenty of space to start with particularly on a smaller pond. The area can be expanded as needed. * Step 2: Remove debris Use a  weed cutter and rake to remove dead or floating
    …into your pond or lake. You can use EcoBoost™ throughout the spring to give you a head start on pond season. * Algae Defense®: To be used only as needed this algae-destroyer treats troublesome floating filamentous algae bottom growing chara and the planktonic algae when it's green and…
  • Aquascape® Medium 11' x 16' Pond Kit w/Tsurumi 3PL Pump

    …Debris Preventing Muck • Innovative Locking Weir Door for Ease of Maintenance Pond Skimmers are ideal for continuously sweeping leaves and floating debris of the surface of the water. Removing the debris before it collects on the bottom of the pond improves the water quality and the health of…
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  • …These waterfowl inhabit just about any type of water body from lakes rivers and ponds to any area where water is present. Canadian Geese have a black head and neck and white cheeks. Their bodies are brown with a tan chest and are famous for their flocks flying in the V-shaped formation.Challenges of…
    …the soil. If your plants are in pots move the pot to the pond's bottom to protect the roots from freezing temperatures. For tropical water lilies floating plants or other temperature sensitive varieties plants will either need to be discarded or brought indoors.Step 5- Remove Excess Debris Rotting…
    …Their anatomy makes this task easy - they are negatively buoyant which means that they generally sink rather than float thanks to a small gas bladder. Catfish also sport a flattened head that allows for easy digging through debris a mouth that acts as a substrate suction and a body covered in taste…
    …up in their cozy Koi Kastle but they will float upright tuck in their fins and remain suspended in the water. As the fish hover there you may still see some super slow movement and they may also wind up facing in the same direction as if they were heading somewhere at less than a snail's speed.…
    …beautiful weather and scenery. It is nothing short of maddening to be chased back into your home by hundreds of swarming mosquitoes buzzing around your head and painfully biting your arms neck and legs. Besides causing itchy welts these little blood-sucking insects can transmit dangerous and deadly…