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Floating Pond Bubble

  • Floating Pond Bubble


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    …ball floats on the pond and allows your koi or goldfish to take a peek above the water's surface. Fish will swim into the dome where you can watch their behavior and monitor their health on a daily basis. The Floating Pond Bubble is a great addition adding a unique experience to any koi pond.
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  • …your pond liner. The domed top allows the heat to stay where it is needed and the 12' power cord is long enough to get the de-icer to where it needs to be. * K&H Perfect Climate Pond De-Icer – The Perfect Climate Pond De-Icers have a removable float to allow them to be used as floating or…
    …fountain (in pond's less than 6' deep) is key to a healthy pond or lake. Proper aeration improves water quality breaks down organic debris (muck) and improves the overall ecosystem in your pond. Aeration works by circulating the entire pond's water column from top to bottom. The tiny bubbles created…
  • Bubbling Boulder Fountain Kit

    * Single Boulder Water Fountain * 530 GPH Adjustable Pump * Beautiful Natural Rock Look This lovely classic six sided bubbling rock offers a dipping pool which easily attracts wildlife. Made from fiberglass reinforced concrete mix this single boulder weighs only 55 pounds but still has a beautiful…
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