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  • Water Hyacinth Bundle of 3


    (127 Reviews)

    * Flowering Floating Plant * Most Popular Pond Plant * Increases Natural Filtration Water Hyacinth (also known as Blue Shell Flower) is easily the most popular and universally used floating water garden plant around. With its succulent leaves and bright purple petals the Water Hyacinth flower is…
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  • Blue Thumb Copper Blue Iris Fountain Kit

    * Handcrafted Copper Leaf Fountain * Buy Complete Kit or Fountain Only * Designed with Exquisite Blue Iris Flowers Bring beauty and tranquility to any empty space. Hand made in the English countryside the Blue Iris Copper Fountain Kit will do just that. Standing approximately 50 high x 17 diameter.…
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    $2099.99 - 2999.99
  • Copper Red Iris Flower Fountain Kit

    …Kit * Vibrant Handcrafted Red Iris Flowers * Artisan Fountain Reaches 50 High The Copper Red Iris Flower Fountain adds a stunning work of art to any deck porch or patio. The copper metal fountain reaches up to 50 high x 17 wide with vibrant red iris flowers. Each fountain is handcrafted by our…
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    $2099.99 - 2999.99
  • Copper Lilac Trumpet Flower Fountain Kit

    …Stunning Lilac Trumpet Flowers add a pop of color to this 54 tall copper fountain to add an elegant impression to any space. The easy-to-install fountain can enhance the appeal to your outdoor living space and act as a natural humidifier indoors. The Copper Lilac Trumpet Flower Fountain can be…
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    $3999.99 - 4949.99
  • Copper Orange Trumpet Flower Fountain Kit

    …light and bring out the beauty in both metal and glasswork. Handmade ensuring no two are identical. Reaching 40-49 high this Copper Orange Trumpet Flower Fountain can be purchased as a complete fountain kit or fountain only. Each fountain kit includes a single copper sculpture Achelous AquaBox basin…
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    $2099.99 - 2999.99
  • Lemon Bacopa Bundle of 5


    (5 Reviews)

    …the pond or as a trailing plant in the waterfall or stream bed. It spreads quickly and can be used as a ground cover in a bog area. Bright blue flowers adorn the lemon scented foliage all summer. To winter over in colder climates simply take some cuttings before the first frost in your area and…
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  • …roots underneath the plant to absorb nutrients from the pond's water but never touches the bottom while rooted floating plants often have showy flowers and large leafed foliage that sits on top of the water. * Emergent: Rooted plants like cattails grow along the shoreline and stand above the surface…
  • Sensitive Plant Bundle of 2


    (6 Reviews)

    * Flowering Floating Plant * Adds Dramatic Interest to Your Pond * Increases Natural Filtration Sensitive Plant has compound leaves that will fold inward and droop with the slightest touch re-opening within minutes. This unique plant produces small globular yellow flower-puffs and as a floating…
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  • Giant Sensitive Plant Bundle of 2


    (13 Reviews)

    * Yellow Flowering Floating Plant * Adds Dramatic Interest to Your Pond * Increases Natural Filtration Giant Sensitive Plant is a larger variety of the sensitive plant that can spread between 6 and 8 feet. The compound leaves will fold inward and droop with the slightest touch re-opening within…
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  • …around the stem with thorn-like projections. Chara will not grow to the surface and is often mistaken for submerged plants like Naiad but lacks flowers true leaves and roots. It is easily identified by its strong musky odor when crushed and it's gritty texture due to calcium deposits on the plant.…
    …sitting outside with your favorite beverage listening to the sound of water moving over your water fall or watching your fish dart between your flowering lilies. Water features are a great way to personalize your outdoor living space while providing a place that your local wildlife will love.…
    …other root vegetables and they can be dried and ground into flour. Young green shoots which taste like cucumber can be chopped into salads. Green flowering stalks can be boiled and eaten like sweetcorn. Like most things however cattails are best in moderation. Highlight boundaries to contain pond…
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