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Flowers For The Pond

  • Jumbo Water Hyacinth Bundle of 3


    (17 Reviews)

    …as Blue Shell Flower) is easily the most popular and universally used floating water garden plant around. With its succulent leaves and bright purple flowers Jumbo Water Hyacinth grow much larger than the regular Water Hyacinth. These prolific growers compete with algae for excess pond nutrients and…
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  • Water Hyacinth Bundle of 3


    (80 Reviews)

    …the Water Hyacinth flower is great at competing with algae over excess pond nutrients creating a terrific spawning area for the pond fish. Plus this shell flower is a very beautiful plant for any water garden. Its long feathery dangling roots easily make it perfect for added filtration. Please…
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  • Lemon Bacopa Bundle of 5


    (4 Reviews)

    for Small Fish * Promotes Natural Filtration * Grow As Submerged Or Bog Plant Lemon Bacopa is a dainty plant is an excellent choice for the edge of the pond or as a trailing plant in the waterfall or stream bed. It spreads quickly and can be used as a ground cover in a bog area. Bright blue flowers
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  • Pink Butterfly Flower Bundle of 2


    (No Reviews)

    …Butterflies & Hummingbirds * Increases Natural Filtration Pink Butterfly Flower is also known as swamp milkweed. Pond owners love how the large pink clusters attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the pond throughout the summer. This hardy bog plant is easy to over winter and grows well…
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  • …you will need to get your pond or water feature up and running. All our kits include complete and easy to follow instructions but if you prefer something visual check out the videos on the webpages for RapidFlo Ecosystem Pond Kit or the Cascading Falls Pondless Kit for some expert tips. * How much…
  • Sunny Pink Hardy Water Lily

    flowers of the Sunny Pink Lily feature orange-peach colored petals with a lovely fragrance. The large flowers bloom throughout summer and fall and prefer full sun however they will continue to flower with as little as 3-4 hours of sunlight per day. Perfect for medium to large water gardens or ponds
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  • Dwarf Cattail Bundle of 2


    (2 Reviews)

    …Cattails are great for smaller ponds container gardens or water gardens and should always be planted in one-gallon or larger containers to get the maximum amount of growth from them. Dwarf Cattails very narrow green foliage and look grass-like with a small dark brown flower spikes (catkin) emerging…
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  • Water Poppy Bundle of 2


    (16 Reviews)

    …your pond. Once water temperatures reach 70-75°F it will begin blooming and will continue to bloom into the fall until the first frost. These pond plants for sale prefer full sun although they will tolerate shade. Water Poppy can be left floating but will grow best if planted. The flowers bloom…
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  • Red Iris

    * Hardy Iris Plant * Features Brick-Red Flower * Ideal for Natural Bog Filtrations The Red Iris is also known as the Copper Iris due to its unusual copper-colored dropping petals and sword-shaped bright green leaves. This hardy bog plant does well in standing water and thrives in full sun but can…
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  • White Pickerel Rush

    * Hardy Bog Plant * White Flowers * Increases Natural Filtration White Pickerel Rush can grow up to 30 high. The shiny bright green heart-shaped leaves and multiple spikes of white flower clusters combine to create a beautiful plant that is a standard of water garden ponds everywhere. This plant is…
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  • Velvet Elvis Red Louisiana Iris Bundle of 2

    …height of 30 and a width of 24 to 48. This iris also make magnificent cut flowers and are resistant to deer. Blooming from spring into summer Velvet Elvis Red Louisiana Iris makes an attractive backdrop for anyone's pond or water garden. Sold in bundles of 2. Please review our 14-Day Live Goods…
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  • Water Willow Bundle of 2


    (1 Reviews)

    …to 3 Feet Tall * Excellent Edging Pond Plant * Flowing Water Tolerant Water Willow ideally grows beautifully in shallow flowing streams. The plant gets its name from the long thin leaves that mimic those of a willow tree. Five petaled orchid-like bicolored flowers grow in dense spike-like clusters…
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