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  • FlushPACS Septic System Treatment


    (15 Reviews)

    * Fast Acting Enzymes Break Down Waste * Reduce Septic Tank Build-Up * Just Flush Down Toilet To Treat Prevent septic backups and repairs with Airmax FlushPACS. A septic backup is a costly ugly smelly mess. Excess solids in the septic holding tank can buildup and cause unexpected backups and…
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    $7.99 - 12.99
  • …They prefer to sit motionless along shorelines or in shallow waters and wait patiently for a snack to swim by. Another technique is to walk slowly flushing out any potential prey that may be hiding with their feet. The great blue heron is an intelligent bird so you will need to get creative when it…
  • Atlantic Back Flush Kit

    Add a back flush kit to any Atlantic Pro Series FilterFalls for fast convenient powered backwashing to save you time trouble and a whole lot of mess. When used with Matala Filter Media Pad Kits the back flush kit virtually eliminates FilterFall maintenance. Backed by a 1 year warranty.
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  • Atlantic Matala Filter Media Pad Kits


    (2 Reviews)

    …Customize your FilterFalls with three-stage Matala Filter Media Pad Kits. Coarse medium and fine. Matala filter pads reduce channeling increase surface area and are back flushed more effectively than standard filter mats. No need to measure or cut simply replace your existing filter media as needed.
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    $61.99 - 171.99
  • …harbor here to help keep the water healthy. Filtered water finally returns to the pond and the process is repeated. Additionally this filter has back flush feature so cleaning is as easy as turning two dials. When setting up this system place the SolidFlo G2 pump in the deepest portion of your pond…
  • Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting Downspout Filter

    …13.5H filter can be buried out of sight at the base of a downspout to collect roof runoff and remove a variety of pollutants and debris that may be flushed out in the system during heavy rain. Ideal for Heavy Rainfall • 1500 Sq. Ft. Roof Capacity • Flow Rate of 50 Gallons per Minute •…
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