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Fountain Pump Kit

  • Blue Thumb Fountain Conversion Kit


    (3 Reviews)

    …Existing Ceramic Vase Into a Fountain * Basins Holds up to 60 & 95 Gallon of Water * Includes Basin Pump Tubing & Flow Control Valve Blue Thumb Fountain Conversion Kits are ideal for customers who already own a single or triple decorative fountain. Each round Fountain Basin incorporates strength and…
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    $699.99 - 829.99
  • Blue Thumb Small Caldera Fountain Kit

    …dapple gray or chestnut. You can purchase the fountain rock alone as a decorative display in your landscape. To enhance the beauty of the rock you can add the element of water by purchasing a complete fountain kit that includes a basin reservoir 530 GPH pump flow control valve tubing & 120 lbs. of…
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    $439.99 - 999.99
  • Rustic Basalt Fountain Kits


    (1 Reviews)

    …group of three fountains at different heights ranging from 18H to 30H. Each Basalt Fountain is carved from real stone for a natural look to provide all the benefits of a larger water feature without the time and cost. Each kit comes complete with a professionally molded basin water pump plumbing and…
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    $899.99 - 2249.99
  • Atlantic Skimmer Auto Fill Valve


    (7 Reviews)

    …in Skimmers * Maintain Constant Water Level Atlantic Auto Fill Valve Kit is designed to maintain a consistent water level in your skimmer box pump vault or colorfalls and fountain basins. This kit will prevent utilities such as pumps from drying up due to lack of water or even prevent your pond from…
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  • Almond Fountain Kit

    …the Almond Fountain Kit. Made of a unique cut of stone to show off beautiful patterns ensuring no two stones are the same. This natural stone kit creates a tranquil experience with the sounds of water spilling over its smooth exterior. Kit includes: almond fountain basin mag-drive pump plumbing &…
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  • Bird Bath Triple Fountain Kit

    Fountain Kit * Complete Kit with Pump Pebbles & Basin The Blue Thumb Triple Bird Bath Fountain Kit contains three bowl bubbling rock fountains each with a concave top to create pools of water that then flow over and down the sides. The hand crafted Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Fountains
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  • Creeping Maple Tree Fountain Kit

    …your home. This 30 high Copper Tree Fountain has hand cut leaves and is individually crafted in England to give each Tree a unique one of a kind look. The Creeping Maple Tree Fountain Kit includes the 30 copper tree pump basin stainless steel mesh pump bag and all the fittings and tubing required.…
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  • Mini Mountain Spring Fountain Kit

    …Basin Pump Pebbles This attractive Mini Mountain Spring Fountain Kit comes with everything included making it an easy way to add the relaxing sounds of water to your garden. The perfect complement for smaller garden spaces this fountain brings the sounds of cascading water on a smaller scale. Kit
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    $439.99 - 999.99
  • Split Polished Basalt Fountain Kit

    …created by water moving over the sides. Each fountain installation is easy with this complete water fountain kit. Kit includes your choice of a double or triple Split Basalt Stone fountain basin pump fittings and tubing. To complete the look that kit also comes with your choice of colored polished…
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    $2099.99 - 2799.99
  • Blue Thumb Tamaishi Fountain Kit

    * Complete Modern Bubble Fountain Kit * Natural Stone with a Beautiful Glossy Surface * Includes Water Fountain Pump & Pebbles Create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere while giving your landscape a modern look with the Tamaishi Fountain Kit. Part of Bluth Thumb's Zenshu water features this Japanese…
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  • Twisting Cascade Triple Fountain Kit

    …Cascade Fountain columns are available in dapple gray or chestnut color. This outdoor water fountain kit also comes with a fountain basin basin splash mat water fountain pump tubing and plumbing. Also included are decorative polished pebbles in black or mixed to complete the look so the fountain kit
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  • Copper Sequoia Tree Fountain Kit

    Fountain is a beautiful way to mix art and water in any garden or landscape. This unique water feature reaches 40 high with individually handcrafted copper leaves. This one of a kind art piece can be purchased as a complete fountain kit that includes the copper sequoia tree 48 basin 1100 gph pump
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