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Fountains And Pumps With Uv

  • The Pond Guy® ClearSolution™ G2 Filter System


    (96 reviews)

    …submersible pond filter system comes equipped with four different types of filter media as well as an integrated UV clarifier and pump that guarantees clear and healthy water. Completely versatile with the included diverter you can choose to run a fountain display waterfall or both at the same time.…
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    $149.99 - 189.99
  • fountain or send water through a UV clarifier? * Fountains or Spitters typicaly require a smaller pump. Look for pumps in our Fountain & Spitter Pump category. * Waterfalls require a few more calcualtions to determine the size needed. See below for more information on sizing a waterfall pump. We…
  • Power House 1 HP Aerating Fountain (F1000F)

    …ponds up to 1/2 acre with a minimum depth of 17-inches. Power House designed the 1 hp energy-efficient fountain pump to use low running amperage for substantial operating cost savings while still delivering 130 gallons per minute. Complete package includes assembled motor unit UV resistant float (2)…
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    $1507.50 - 2070.00
  • …a UV clarifier to combat discolored water and pump to circulate the water. As an added bonus the water can discharge through an included fountainwith 3 options for patterns – or a diverter valve to power your waterfall or spitter. * External Pressurized Filter: For those with larger…
  • Oase® Filtral UVC Filter

    …equipped with 4 different types of filter media as well as an integrated UV clarifier and pump that guarantees clear and healthy water. An amazing multi-tasker this filter also includes a fountain set that can be used to create a beautiful fountain display or waterfall. The fountain set includes…
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  • Aquascape® DIY Backyard Pond Kit 6' x 8'

    …Koi Pond Kit with Waterfall * Includes Water Fountain Pump & Surface Skimmer Update your outdoor landscape with a breathtaking ecosystem pond that can be created with all-in-one DIY koi pond kits. Aquascape pond kits work with your existing landscape for a naturally balanced pond with clean healthy…
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  • Aquascape® DIY Backyard Pond Kit 8' x 11'

    …Sensor for Continuous Use AquaScape EcoWave 2000 water fountain pump is designed with internal smart motor technology and vortex style impeller to push an incredible amount of water with an electrical efficiency unmatched by other pumps with similar flow rates. This compact oil-free design is made…
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  • …homeowners concerned with safety working with smaller areas or are on-the-go and don't have time for a full pond. Since there is no open waterbody fish are not part of this feature but a wide variety of bog plants can be incorporated into the design. Disappearing Fountain This fountain feature also…