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Frog Control

    …will happily take a dive in your lake to hunt for crayfish fish turtles frogs and worms. They will use their lightning-fast paws to grab both aquatic and terrestrial prey. Mother Nature provides her own raccoon control in the form of coyotes foxes great horned owls and bobcats but you can give…
    …to consider and aquatic plants are one of them. Here are just a few reasons why plants are such an intricate part of any pond ecosystem. * Algae Control: Fish waste and other organic material acts like a fertilizer for vegetation in your pond. Add in some sun and the algae blooms will begin. Because…
    …of food a body of water and shoreline vegetation. These guys chow on a variety of greens and protein including roots stems and buds as well as frogs snails and fish. Besides eating cattails and other marginal aquatic plants muskrats also use their honed teeth to cut down the plants and use them…
  • Tadpoles - Pack of 10


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    Control * Promotes Balanced Ecosystem * Great Addition For Pond & Water Gardens Observe the fascinating transformation from tadpole to froglet to frog right before your very eyes. Perfect for natural ponds and koi ponds. Live tadpoles may be a mixture of Leopard Frogs Bullfrogs and Green Frogs.
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  • …that try to stray from these boundaries to keep their growth under control. Re-treat As Needed Due to the fact that pond cattails have a robust root base multiple treatments may be necessary to properly gain control. Once under control they will make a nice addition to your landscape and encourage…

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